How Good Is Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks?

Pregnant women develop stretch marks due to the rapid stretch of the skin which results in a tear of the dermis or middle layer of the skin. Besides, since weight fluctuations are not the only factor, stretch marks can also be caused by dry, itchy skin, and as well as improper hydration.

According to the scientists, however, application of vitamin e oil for stretch marks is the best way to prevent it from appearing and also for recovery of the skin.

How good is vitamin e oil for stretch marks ww

Having stretch marks is common and is mainly caused by growth spurts and changes in body weight. Usually, it tends to appear in the abdomen, buttocks, breasts.

Although it does not have any particular color, it may appear red, pink, purple, and blue. In general, you can see that stretch marks will fade on their own even without any application of cream or oil. However, there are certain things that you do in order to speed up the recovery of your skin and reduce their appearance and texture.

How Does Vitamin E Help Stretch Marks?

Vitamin e is found in vegetables like avocado, asparagus, as well as whole grains, nuts, and eggs. It acts as an antioxidant and supports cells to protect them from damage caused by free radicals in your body. Along with all its benefits, which help your body to properly function, vitamin E is an essential element that has great topical applications supporting your skin, hair, as well as nails in many ways.

While you can consume vitamin E through the food you eat, supplements, etc., your skin only gets a certain percentage of it no matter how much you take it daily. Therefore, applying vitamin E topically is important in providing maximum benefits to the skin. Vitamin E is generally used in sunscreen creams which help to relieve dryness and improve the protection of your skin against UV.

Is Vitamin E Oil Good For Stretch Marks

According to many studies, due to its support of collagen production and generation of connective tissue, Vitalin E keeps skin elastic, and therefore, it is good for stretch marks too. That’s because, as the skin gets more elastic, it becomes more durable or less susceptible to tears and stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

Vitam E also helps skin grow new cells and boosts the regeneration process. This will further promote healing and protect against stretch marks. In order to reduce stretch marks and relieve itchiness, opt for moisturizing oil which contains Vitamin E. You can apply it directly to areas where stretch marks are common on a daily basis.

Pregnant women may not think of vitamin E as the first option to help stretch marks, however, it is actually is a well-established treatment. It helps the epidermis layer of the skin to accumulate and prevents moisture from evaporating by acting as a moisture barrier. This, in turn, helps skin to strengthen, condition and become more elastic that helps to avoid stretch marks formation. Besides, its antioxidant feature helps your skin to maintain health preventing it to get damaged by free radicals.

Regardless of the reasons you have developed stretch marks, with the right treatment and proper application of moisturizing creams, they will fade over time.

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