When I Get a Positive Pregnancy Test Whats Next?

Finally, your pregnancy test shows a positive result which means now you’re pregnant! If you are wondering how early you need to make an appointment with your doctor following a positive pregnancy test, then keep reading.

positive pregnancy test now what

I Got A Positive Pregnancy Test. What's Next?

As soon as your pregnancy test shows a positive result, which confirms that you’re pregnant, phone your GP and schedule your first prenatal appointment. Many pregnant women tend to schedule an appointment right after they discover that they’re pregnant. You should, in fact, call your doctor straight away, if this is your first pregnancy.

According to many doctors, once you’re ready, the first step you need to take following the confirmation of your pregnancy should be booking in to see a GP.

How Early To See Doctor After Pregnancy Test

In general, pregnant women must consult their doctor immediately if they experience one of the symptoms below:

  • Feeling of pain during urination
  • High fever
  • Itching sensation all over your body
  • Intense headaches and constant nausea
  • Immediate swelling of the face, hands or feet

What you can expect at your first GP appointment?

In general, your doctor will probably ask you to have another pregnancy test to find out whether your pregnancy can be confirmed. She may also require you to have your blood sample tested for an accurate result.

Once your family physician confirms the pregnancy, they will recommend a couple of OB/GYN doctors who will take over after around week 12 and take care of all your prenatal care up until delivery. You should also research and ask around about physicians that may fit your specific needs or requirements. 

Once you settle on an obstetrician, on your first visit she will discuss your prenatal care options and options of the hospitals you will give birth in. For the most part, your doctor will only be able to provide care at a hospital where they work. This also plays a role in choosing the OB, because if there is a specific hospital you prefer for any reason, your OB needs to have privileges there. 

Your doctor will provide you with lots of information and resources including pamphlets and leaflets to support your decision on care options and fully analyze your pregnancy.

In addition, you will also have a discussion with your doctor on your prenatal health management, dietary advice, and what you generally need to avoid having a healthy pregnancy.

You may also want to consider having a midwife instead of a physician. Many people choose midwives over OB/GYN’s due to the more personal approach in practice and other benefits.

What to do if you can’t make an appointment with your family doctor?

Sometimes it can be difficult to book certain doctors, who are especially in high demand or those who are only available part-time, therefore you might need to schedule an appointment a few weeks in advance.

Therefore, you can make an appointment with another local doctor, if your family doctor does not seem to be available immediately. This can help you get answers to some of your initial questions while also getting your pregnancy confirmed. Many walk-in clinics are available in your neighborhood, and these are a good first if your regular physician is not available. 

What to do next?

If you did not plan to get pregnant, then learning that you are actually pregnant may not make you actually happy. So, do not panic. Besides, even if you were planning to get pregnant, finding yourself second-guessing plans ahead is quite normal. In this case, just let the news sink while thinking about what to do next.

Celebrate The News!

You can still have fun during pregnancy while avoiding consuming alcoholic beverages. For example, you can have a glass of sparkling cider, which is a perfect way to liven up the night and celebrate your new package of joy.

You can also plan on having a romantic dinner to surprise your partner with the pregnancy news. How and when you are celebrating can depend on a lot of factors. Remember that you can have fun and that is a perfectly acceptable part of being pregnant.

Having fun with your partner will get you relaxed while letting go of stress, which is good for both you and your baby.

Tell The News To Your Family And Close Friends

It is fun and exciting to let your family and friends know about your new family. Some women prefer to wait until 12 weeks of pregnancy, the first ultrasound appointment, or a certain date to tell the news to everyone.

However, others immediately share the exciting news. Since there is not a perfect way of celebration, it’s totally up to you to decide how you wish others know about your being pregnant.

Educate Yourself About Self-Care

After getting a positive pregnancy test, you need to start educating yourself on how to take yourself and your little one. While your doctor will inform you about all the necessary steps to take in order to have a healthy pregnancy, it is also important to follow some healthy habits, such as sleeping better, taking required vitamins, eating balanced food, as well as exercising regularly.

You should, in general, learn to listen to your body and understand its signals, such as what do to when you have morning sickness or upset stomach, which can help you to cope with certain hardships of pregnancy.


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