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Our staff at A Date With Baby works hard to provide an unforgettable experience for each client, and our policies have been put in place out of respect for everyone. They help us keep our standards high while ensuring every client has the best possible experience. 

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Appointment Hours

We operate strictly by appointment only. We rarely, if ever, can accommodate walk-ins. Therefore, please be sure to call or book your appointment online before coming in.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Should you need to cancel your appointment, we ask for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. While we try not to penalize anyone for not showing up for legitimate reasons, customers who repeatedly fail to show up at the reserved time while insisting on a new appointment would be asked to submit a non-refundable prepayment for future appointments.
This policy ensures that appointment times can be filled, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of care.

Customers who abuse our generous booking policy, e.g. cancelling with short notice, repeatedly failing to show up, etc. may be denied service. 


While we do our best to accommodate late arrivals, we do schedule appointments at a specific time interval, depending on the package purchased. When one client is late, it affects the whole schedule and every client booked afterwards.

In most cases, 15 minutes is the maximum that we can allow for a late arrival and after this time, the late client will either forfeit part of their session (depending on how late the appointment starts) or be asked to reschedule the appointment.

Free Rescheduling

Sometimes babies are just not ready to show themselves, and that’s OK! For this specific reason, we do have a free rebooking policy, in case there are no pictures available from the appointment. Here are some of the policies we adhere to regarding the rebooking:

  • The rebooking is offered solely at the discretion of the sonographer, or other staff at A Date With Baby. It cannot be requested. However, you are welcome to open a discussion with us if you are unsatisfied.
  • The rescheduled appointment has to take place within 1-3 weeks of the original appointment, and the times offered are based on our availability.
  • If your baby is still early in development and you aren’t satisfied with the pictures because they appear small and/or skinny – this does not constitute a rebooking offer. Please ensure that you book your appointment at a time during your pregnancy which coincides with how you expect the baby to appear.
  • Not all packages are eligible for a free rebooking.
    If you purchased the Popcorn, Gummy Bear, or Cotton Candy packages, you would be eligible for rebooking if the baby doesn’t show the face.
    If you purchased the Gender Reveal package, you are eligible for a free rebook if the baby doesn’t show the gender. We cannot offer a free rebooking if the baby doesn’t show the face during the Gender Reveal session.
    The following packages are not eligible for rebooking under any circumstances: Early Pregnancy, Late Pregnancy, Reassurance Scan, and Position Scan. 
  • The free appointment will be offered based on the studio’s availability. The offered times may not match your original appointment date and/or time. The free rescans will be offered primarily on the weekdays.
  • Missed rescheduled appointments would be considered forfeit and a separate paid booking would be required for any future appointments
  • Late Pregnancy Exception
    For pregnancies over 30 weeks only, in case we are not able to obtain any images at all during your appointment due to the baby’s size, the free rescheduling would not make sense, since the baby will only be bigger at a later date. We will only charge a $50 technical fee and not the full package price. No rebooking will be offered at that point.

Gender Determination

If we are unable to determine the gender during your appointment, we offer a free rescan within 1-2 weeks based on our availability.

It should be noted, that we start our gender determination services at 15 weeks, which allows us to be highly accurate with this service. However, while we do our best to achieve the best results, early gender determination is not 100% guaranteed.

Furthermore, if the appointment was knowingly booked earlier than 15 weeks with the expectation by the client of a gender reveal, and the gender isn’t visible, we would not be able to offer a free rescheduling. A new, paid appointment would have to be made.

Infection Spread Prevention Policy

To maintain a healthy environment for all, we ask that clients who are unwell reschedule their appointments. Please contact us to reschedule should you develop symptoms of any infectious illness.

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