How To Pass Glucose Tolerance Test Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you will need to visit your doctor many times to make sure you as well as your little one is healthy. You may get certain tests, and one of them is called the glucose test pregnancy. This test is also referred to as the oral glucose tolerance test. But how to pass glucose tolerance test pregnancy?

The aim of the test is to determine how your body uses glucose, which is one of the types of sugar. Your body uses glucose as the main source of energy. You may be checked for prediabetes and diabetes with OGTT. Furthermore, the main role of OGTT is to reveal and diagnose gestational diabetes, which often occurs during pregnancy.

What To Eat Before Glucose Test Pregnancy

It is important to stick with low carbs before taking the test. You can, for example, safely consume certain foods, such as bacon, sausage, eggs and etc. The foods you should avoid, however, are fruit juices and cereals. Also, you can have a salad and any kind of meat for your lunch. This also includes leafy vegetables, broccoli, and green beans. It’s important to avoid eating fried foods, while also watching not to eat bread and etc. 

Eating 1 Hour Before Glucose Test Pregnancy

Eating foods that contains enough carbs an hour before the test will help you to increase the sugar levels. On the other hand, if you are not prepared, your doctor will give you something to drink, which should also help the sugar levels to peak.

You can also maintain your blood sugar levels with a few changes in your diet. During the glucose test, you will be checked up for the risk of gestational diabetes. This test is generally carried out between the 6th and 8th months of pregnancy.

What Not To Eat The Night Before A Glucose Test

You should also consider avoiding the followings:

• Make sure to consume a good balance of protein and healthy carbs. In fact, keeping a healthy diet is very crucial throughout the pregnancy. However, this is especially important on the morning of the glucose test

• Although you need to increase the blood sugar during the test, it’s important to avoid foods that contain high-sugar

How To Pass Glucose Tolerance Test

In order to pass the test, consume a diet that contains at least 150 mg of good carbs during the last 3 days before the test. The following list of carbs is considered healthy, such as cereal, bread, starchy, crackers, fruits and etc. 

Also, do not perform strenuous exercises before giving your blood sample. During the test, you will be asked to sit quietly, since an activity may also impact the results of the test. OGTT will take approximately 4 hours. 


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