Loose skin after pregnancy

During pregnancy, your skin will go through some tough times. In general, experiencing loose skin after pregnancy is common among many mothers.

Although it may leave you questioning how to tighten loose skin on your tummy after childbirth, A Date With Baby – 3D Ultrasound team has crafted some easy-to-follow tips, which may help you to recover the lost tone of your belly.

lose skin after pregnancy

First of all, one thing you should recognize is that as opposed to popular belief, every mom has a unique postpartum journey. This means that you may experience safe, slow strength building, which is quite normal since there is no silver bullet in the process.

How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Pregnancy?

Although many factors are contributing to how soon, and easily you will get back to your previous shapes, such as your age and genetics, the following tips may help you to get the previous elasticity without needing surgery.

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  1. Pay attention to what you eat

This means that what you regularly consume will absolutely have an impact on your belly.  You should, in general, aim for nutrition-dense, healthy foods to recover from post-baby belly loose skin.

Consider including Omega 3’s, Vitamin E (for stretch marks), D, A, and as well as cod liver oil in your regular diet, which is widely available.

The following foods are especially very rich in all sorts of nutrients that your skin and as well body needs after childbirth: berries, butter from grass-fed cows, chicken, salmon, traditional soup broths, etc.

Since collagen is one of the main components that help to maintain healthy, elastic skin, you should favor regularly consuming broths, which include an easily digestible form of collagen, while effectively supporting mineral balance and hydration.

  1. Keep exercising

One of the methods to get rid of loose skin after a baby without surgery is to perform some core exercises, such as core compression, pelvic floor exercises, moderate cardio, etc.

In general, all sorts of exercises that helps and strengthens the integrity of the connective tissue will also support elastic and healthy skin.

Core compression movements, for example, is one of the things that you should keep doing every day.

When it comes to cardio, however, you should aim to keep it at moderate intensity. Because, although it has many cardiovascular benefits, it won’t do too much helping you in terms of loose skin.

Also, endurance activities and high-intensity cardio can easily leave you overtrained, which actually depletes your skin and further makes it difficult to recover.

On the other hand, performing pelvic-floor exercises can help you to recover. Kegel exercises, which you should be doing before the delivery, in particular, is one of the best exercises that you can do.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Hydration is important to tighten and recover from postpartum loose skin. According to health professionals, all individuals, in general, should drink a minimum of 2 liters of water every day to maintain the water balance.

Since hydration is also critical for proper functions of organs, and as well as your body, aim for drinking plenty of water, and taste salt food (for maintaining mineral balance), which is important for your bones, muscles, heart, and brain to work properly.

You can also benefit from massage. Try to get a gentle massage a few times a week with your preferred sorts of natural oils, such as castor, olive, and as well as coconut oil.

It is best to have a massage after a bath or shower since warm and moist skin makes absorption easier.

Some natural oils can be preferred for others for certain benefits. For example, castor oil can help with softening and releasing scar adhesions.

Therefore, you can use castor oil, especially if you had  C-section or other abdominal surgeries. It will help you to nourish and release scars.

  1. Do soaking

Soaking with essential oils and Epsom salts a few times per week is one of the best methods to tighten the belly skin after pregnancy. 10 or 15 minutes of soaking for each time is enough to get the benefits.

The combination of essential oils is quite helpful and beneficial in terms of restoring and maintaining mineral balance in your skin while helping it go get deeply nourished.

  1. Use appropriate supplements

Collagen is believed to be one of the best ways to help with loose skin, although it lacks any convincing research. However, according to many moms, regular collagen intake after childbirth makes a noticeable difference.

Still, we suggest you talk to your doctor before buying any collagen supplement from your local store.

Final thoughts

The easy-to-follow tips, which we have mentioned above, should help you improve the appearance of your skin during the 12 weeks of implementation. You can take a photo every 2 weeks, in order to see how it progresses.

Skin recovery is a slow process. However, if you properly self care by following the most preferred methods shown above, you can speed up the process and eliminate flabby stomach after baby.

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