Private Non-Diagnostic 3D/4D/5D Ultrasound ​

From $75

High Definition Real Looking Pictures and Video​

Early Gender Reveal - 15 Weeks and Up​

No Requisition Needed

Creating The Infinite Bond Since 2015

We create beautiful life-like 3D images of your baby using the latest medical ultrasound technology. Unlike your medical ultrasound, our sessions are neither rushed nor cold; they are designed with your comfort in mind, providing an intimate setting made just for you! Bring your family along to enjoy the unique experience in our comfortable scanning rooms. You, and your guests, can see the baby on our big screen TV, hear their heartbeat, and witness amazing moments such smiles and yawns all with the High Definition (5D) clarity. 

Curious To See What A 3D/4D Ultrasound Looks Like?

Click below for sample images from various periods of pregnancy

Frequently Asked Questions

As a private non-diagnostic facility, we do not require a requisition to perform any ultrasounds. That means that you can come in whenever you are ready to see your baby in beautiful detail. 

That also means that we are unable to provide a report with the medical assessment or measurements. However, we can let you know verbally some of the estimation of baby's age and heart rate.

Ultrasound imaging can determine the baby's gender starting at around 15 weeks, but the bigger the baby the more obvious the gender will also be. Before 15 weeks, the baby is just too small for us to see the gender accurately. 

Surface (transabdominal) ultrasound can see the baby as early as 8 weeks of pregnancy, provided the mom's bladder is full.

At A Date With Baby, we use a transabdominal ultrasound (performed from the surface of the skin), as opposed to the more invasive transvaginal type. Transvaginal ultrasound can show the baby a few weeks earlier than the transabdominal one, because during that exam the probe is placed much closer to the uterus.

3D/4D Ultrasound packages start at $75 for the Early Pregnancy package (8-16 weeks). No matter which package you choose, or what you budget is, our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and happy!

Both girls and boys look pretty similar up until around week 12, at which point the external genitalia will start to develop. 

However, to see the gender accurately with ultrasound, we must give the baby some more time to develop. 

As such, 15-16 weeks is when we are can be highly accurate with the gender determination. The bigger the baby the more obvious the gender is, and there is no maximum amount of weeks for this - we can see the gender even very late in pregnancy. 

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