How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy? | 7 Best Activities

How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy?


Nothing takes away the weight off your feet quite like water. Not only one of the best ways to exercise to stay healthy during pregnancy, but swimming can also help you learn


to breathe better, keep your body’s core in shape and stretch out those back muscles – all to help you with the pregnancy as well as labor.

how to stay healthy during pregnancy

Eat well

Your baby will develop a taste for food based on what you put in your body during pregnancy. To stay healthy during pregnancy, you should also focus on what you are eating. They will most likely like what you ate and will reject the food you didn’t eat: it will seem foreign to them and hence unsafe. Till they can make their own choices, you are it! Staying healthy means that you are not only excluding bad food choices and habits but including healthy ones, thus helping your baby be healthier and even make better choices of their own in the years to come.

Go Shopping

Yes, this might not be the wisest advice, but it sure is an exercise. Plus, surely these purchases will come with no buyers remorse. Everything you buy will look super cute on your baby, plus you might even find something useful on sale. Great time to make your baby-shower registry list, as well as find the closest 3D ultrasound studio for baby’s first pics!

Take outside walks (weather permitting)

Walking is not only good for you to keep healthy but will also take away some of the stress that comes with expecting an event as big as a baby’s arrival. Take this time to discuss details of life post-baby with your significant other.

This is a great time to clear your mind and think about your schedule once the baby arrives, make a list of things that you need to take to the hospital, etc. Basically, use this time in fresh air to talk and think about whether your current life choices will be adequate for life with a baby.

Think of it as a detox for your brain as well as excellent cardio. You’ll be amazed at how many things and solutions your brain will think about when you let it.

Get your baby’s heartbeat recorded onto a stuffed toy!

It is important to improve not only your physical but emotional health as well. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat whenever you desire can contribute to your healthy emotional well being.

At our 3D Ultrasound studio, we have had parents come back for repeat ultrasounds just because they felt down a bit and wanted to see their baby and cheer up. And it works every single time. Plus, the special stuffed toys we offer are so adorable, that paired up with that dear sound of your baby’s heartbeat, they will make anyone happy!

Learn new recipes

One of the most exciting and at the same time scary parts of becoming a parent is that you have a whole new person that you’re responsible for, in every way. And of course, preparing fresh, tasty meals should be on the top of the to-do list. There are many books that talk about healthy cooking for babies, why not give those a try? Plus, you and your partner will most certainly enjoy the newly discovered flavors and recipes.

Try to stay away from food with condiments and pre-cooked stuff. Lean heavily into fresh food made from scratch. Avoid the microwave, plastic, and tin foil. Learn it now, and get good at it so that you can whip up those healthy and delicious dishes faster when the baby arrives, and amaze everyone around you. After all, ingredients make up the dish, but the love and care that you put in it are what will be felt by everyone, especially the little one!

Sleep well

As exciting as it might be to expect a newborn, sleep will be in high demand soon, so try to get as much as you can now. You might not have too many chances once the baby arrives. To some, it might seem like a good idea to train their bodies to be sleep deprived by staying up late – in hope that this will prepare them for the sleepless nights in the future.

But remember, any stress you endure will also affect the baby, so take it easy on yourself, for baby’s sake. Your body will start preparing itself for whatever is needed anyway. You might find it quite difficult to sleep even during pregnancy with the baby bouncing around in there. This, many believe, is nature’s way of getting mommy ready. But still, whenever you get a chance, make sure you rest well, sleep, and store your energy – you will need it!

Get massages

Ask anyone you are comfortable with to give you a back or foot rub. Visit spas and indulge in pregnancy massages, mani-pedis, etc. Take this time for yourself, but remember: it is more fun with a friend or two!  

So go ahead, be healthy and be happy, and when you need us, we will be here to provide you with lifelong memories, in 3D!

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