How to Get Rid of a Cold While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, catching a cold, getting a cough or even other upper respiratory problems can cause you to feel terrible. This is mainly because there are not a lot of things that you can do, in terms of taking medicine, in order to get rid of a cold while pregnant.

In fact, your doctor won’t recommend you taking certain traditional over-the-counter medicines, since the ingredients within may harm your unborn baby by crossing through the placenta.

The first and the best step, in general, is to consult your doctor. You need to make sure that your condition does not require to take any extensive measures.

Once your provider gives you a green light, you may first try the best-known home remedies to relieve symptoms and recover from the cold during pregnancy.

Home remedies for cold during pregnancy

  • Drink lots of fluid and relax
    Resting and keeping yourself hydrated is one of the effective methods and natural cold remedies to get rid of cold while pregnant. As soon as you start feeling the symptoms of cold, drink lots of water at room temperature and make sure to get enough rest. It is also important to get enough sleep in order to help your body to relax and recover faster.
  • Get a massage
    Getting a massage during pregnancy does wonders to your body, and as well as your arms, and feet. Massage helps you to relax and reduce stress caused by the expansion of your body. Also, it supports better blood and oxygen flow through your body for you and the baby. Don’t forget to drink enough fluid following the massage in order to get back what you lost during the massage. Using lavender and mint essential oils will further help to relieve the symptoms and get rid of a cold quickly while pregnant. 
    Another important thing to consider is the massage therapist who should have a prenatal massage certificate so that you can stay safe.
  • Use a humidifier
    In general, having a humidifier once you get pregnant is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A humidifier helps to increase the level of humidity in a home which is relatively low compared to breathing fresh air.
    Note that it is also important to keep your humidifier clean and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer to clean your gadget is essential. By cleaning your humidifier regularly you will make sure that it does not send bacteria into the air, which could make you even sicker.
  • Watch Your Eating Frequency
    When you are pregnant, your body needs even more nutrients. Therefore, you need to eat regularly, and particularly during a cold. Furthermore, try to avoid consuming dairy products like, yogurt, milk, and cheese which increases the mucus in your respiratory area. Instead, you can go for nut butter, whole grains, as well as soups.   

Cough Remedy For Pregnant Women

A combination of honey and lemon is one of the best natural remedies to get rid of a cold while pregnant, and, indeed, in general. It is particularly effective when you got a sore throat and dry cough since honey creates a soothing protective layer on the throat.  

When you have sore throat and cough, try drinking warm water and adding lemon juice and honey mix to it. You can also use a throat lozenge or cough mixture containing glycerine, however, please make sure that you always get a green light from your pharmacist to make sure these are suitable.

Pregnant women always experience changes in their immune system. As result, you may suffer from a cold or cough at some time during the pregnancy. The illness can, therefore, last longer. The good news is that while you probably feel exhausted, cold or flu symptoms are not usually harmful to your baby. It is essential, however, to take the appropriate precautions to prevent cold or cough while you are pregnant. Having enough sleep is also a perfect way to have much-needed downtime for your body.

Consider drinking tea, eating fruit, or broth to get fluids back into your body. Eat regularly and well. And if you can’t eat larger portions, consider eating smaller meals, but be consistent.

As mentioned above, by putting a humidifier inside your room you will reduce congestion and ease the coughing. Keeping your head higher while lying down (using a couple of pillows), and using nasal strips to help with breathing difficulties. Help relieve your sore throat by drinking warm tea or gargling with warm salt water, which will also help with reducing the cough reflex.

Using Cough Drops While Pregnant

For cough-suppressant effects, cough drops have active ingredients that will do the job in many cases. And as far as medications go, they’re fairly mild. Since there is only a little information available on the safety of cough drops while pregnant, this may make the subject even more concerning. However, without lots of testing, Menthol cough drops are safe to consider during pregnancy according to the Cleveland Clinic. The same applies to dextromethorphan, which is an active ingredient in most cough suppressant medicines. It is considered safe for use during pregnancy by the American Pregnancy Association.

But it is still important to talk to your doctor before you try some new medication when you’re pregnant.

If taking cough drops while pregnant still makes you nervous, then try some hot water with honey, ginger, and lemon. This will also help you to get over symptoms of cold since coughing can really be stressful for pregnant women.

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