10 easy tricks to Get Baby to Move in Womb

If you have already scheduled your first ultrasound appointment, then you may already be eager to know how to get baby to move in the womb or belly at 21 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, feeling your baby’s movement already can indicate that everything fine. 

In some cases, babies react to the sound of your voice or even music or just a noise. Some women think that babies start moving when they start to show, which is not necessarily true. 

Not sure if your baby is moving enough? Then there are a number of tricks and tips you can consider to get your baby to kick. According to doctors, most mothers can feel their baby move at as early as 13 weeks to as late as 21 weeks.

how to get baby to move

10 easy tricks to Get Baby to Move in Womb 

  • Eat a banana or a snack
    Babies react to the food you consume. Еating healthy snacks along with a glass of fruit juice may increase blood sugar in your body which may get the baby moving.

    In addition, some doctors suggest that eating a banana before your
    3D ultrasound appointment will also make your baby move. Although it may sound strange, experts think there is a link between banana consumption and excitement of your, with many women saying that you can see your baby’s movements after consuming bananas.
  • Try talking to your little one
    Babies can hear what is going on from the inside of the womb, along with external sounds and noises. This is especially true following the second trimester of pregnancy.

    This is also a time when babies start to form a close bond with their mother and develop an affinity to her voice. When you frequently talk to your baby, it will help to develop the bond further and may even result in a reaction to your voice from them. Be sure to 
    engage your partner in the conversation with your little one a few times a day.

    Around 16 weeks of pregnancy your baby develops fetal hearing. And starting from 22 weeks, he will also start to hear your voice and react to sounds. So, talking to your baby, and frequently, can even result in him reacting by turning his little head or jumping.
  • Take a relaxing warm bath
    Many women will notice that taking a nice relaxing bath really works. Just fill-up the tub with warm water and let your body soak in it. You may realize that your baby starts to move around. 

    Such a relaxed state can further strengthen the mother-baby bond and make you feel your little one better. Just make sure that the water is slightly warm to keep her safe.
  • Have a massage your belly
    You can gently massage your belly. You will recognize that the baby responds when you rub your belly and even when you touch your tummy. The little one may start moving around as you massage on your belly.  In addition, some babies move away while some others get closer to the touch, and you can feel these movements pretty well.
  • Lying on your back may help
    Although some women can be a bit skeptical about this trick, the main reason for doing this is to create a stimulus that may result in the baby to respond by making movements.

    Lying down to make your baby move, may not seem like a great method. However, those, who are living an active lifestyle during the day, may realize that their babies already got used to those rhythmic movements. 
    Therefore, when you stop moving and get relaxed may cause your little one to wake up and start moving around. You may have already noticed that once you go to bed and lie down, the little one starts squirming like crazy. This means that even stopping what you are doing now and take a breath for a while may get your baby to move. Sometimes you will see that simply lying on your back does not make your baby react. Then, all you need to do is to roll on one side or the other and see if it makes any difference.
  • Applying an ice pack (use a cloth to wrap)

    In general, all babies react to external temperatures. It is not safe to expose your baby to high temperatures. However, cold temperatures can be in different stimulus in your baby. Your little one can feel the coolness when you simply place an ice pack on an area of your tummy. However, just ensure that you have wrapped the icepack with a piece of cloth.

  • Use a flashlight
    Like the little ones react to a massage or an icepack, she will also respond when a spotlight is shining on your tummy. Starting at the 22 weeks of pregnancy, babies begin to perceive light and dark. This means you may realize that the baby reacts to a flashlight, either by turning or moving away from the spotlight.
  • Doing jumping jacks
    If you are at your ultrasound appointment and want your baby to move in order to get the best “shot”, you can try doing some jumping jacks. You can either perform some jog in place or jumping jacks to make the baby roll out into a new spot so that sonographer can locate her. 
  • Poke your baby bump (gently)
    This is just another trick which many pregnant women see in action during their 3D/4D ultrasound appointments. Often, sonographers lightly shake the ultrasound probe over mom’s tummy to get the baby to move in the womb.

    Many mothers feel that their little ones move in uterus simply with a gentle poke or jiggling their bump. Just make sure that you do it gently. The baby is motivated to move by shaking your tummy which gives her stimulus. While doing this is absolutely harmless, this may even result in a kick! Therefore, poking your bump gently does not only help to establish the bond between mother and baby but also turns into a private game too.

  • Let him listen to some music or a lullaby 
    Your voice or gentle music enables the baby’s brain to interpret it and helps to solidify the bond between mom and baby. In many cases, babies seem to extremely love to listen to music, even after birth. Thus, you can try this out for your baby too.
    If you fail to get your baby to move, then perhaps trying music will work. Just play music, but on low volume, and see if you get a reaction. In addition, singing a lullaby along would also work. 


Regardless of whether you simply want to bond with your baby or just to make him move during your ultrasound appointment, the tricks above should work. However, simply remember that no matter how your baby responds to any of the methods listed in the list, always be gentle and keep him safe.

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