Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby

Pregnancy can be an amazing experience, but it often comes with a set of challenges. One of the most daunting things about pregnancy is preparing for a hospital stay after delivery. What should you pack in your hospital bag? To help answer this question,  the A Date With Baby team have compiled a hospital bag checklist for mom – that will ensure that you have everything they need to keep the baby and themselves healthy during hospital stays.

Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom

Full Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom


 Your hairbrush, normal or dry shampoo, toothbrush and mouthwash, deodorant, lip balm, additional hair ties, and face wipes (we suggest these in case you don’t feel like washing straight away) are all essentials. If you use contacts or eyeglasses, don’t forget to bring extras.

Comfortable clothes

Include a nursing bra or tank in your bag if you intend to nurse once the baby is born. Wear your tank top with joggers or lightweight sleep trousers that are soft and loose. Another alternative is to bring a lovely dark-colored PJ set with you. Leggings for postpartum comfort are also a good idea.

Pack a dark-colored sports bra or a swimming suit top if you intend on laboring in the water at any time. Slipper socks are a wonderful way to stay warm in your shoes. For your trip home, bring slip-on shoes like Birkenstocks, Crocs, or flip-flops. Because your feet may be swollen from IV fluids you’ll appreciate shoes that are easy to put on.


Include a reusable water bottle and an electrolyte drink, such as Gatorade or coconut water, if you prefer anything other than water. An additional charging cable for your phone is a great thing to have as well. Hospital beds are famously distant from an electric socket, and you’ll need a full battery phone for all the photos and video chatting with delighted friends and relatives you’ll be taking of your new baby.

Nipple cream

Your nipples will thank you for being so vigilant if you intend to breastfeed.

Pillows and a bath towel

Hospital towels, it seems, are the total opposite of luxury hotel towels: they’re thin, rough, and far too tiny. For your first post-delivery shower, you may be glad you brought a towel from home. We also suggest bringing your own pillow.

Adult diapers

Although the ward will provide pads and mesh underwear, mothers reported that adult diapers, such as Depends, are more comfortable and confident. A perineal spray is a tremendous asset to your postpartum toolkit. Your bum will appreciate it.

iPod & Music playlist

For some people, listening to music during giving birth may be beneficial. If you create a playlist, include a lot of music—labor may continue for 24 hours or more, and you don’t want to be listening to the same 10 songs over and again. However, you may discover that all you sometimes desire is silence!

Birth plan (do you have one?)

Although you may have reviewed your birth plan with your medical team, having a few copies printed and accessible for your physicians ensures that everyone has access to it in the event that any last-minute issues arise. If you haven’t created your birth plan yet but are considering it, have a look online for suggestions on what to include in your birth plan for some helpful advice.


Yes, our hospital bag checklist for moms also includes socks, because, during delivery, your feet may actually get cold.

Slippers and flip-flops

As you stroll about the hospital ward, you’ll want to wear slippers that are comfy and easy to slide on and off. Bring a pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower, as well.

Lip balm

During birth, your lips may get chapped. Keeping a tube of lip balm on hand helps keep your lips moisturized and pleasant.

Body lotion or massage oil

A little massaging action during labor may be soothing for some expectant mothers. If this sounds like you, bring some lotion or oil with you to the hospital.

Water spray and sponge

If you begin to feel overheated during labor, spraying water on your face and neck or sponging cold water on your forehead may help.

Eye mask and earplugs

An eye mask and earplugs may be exactly what you’d need to get some rest in a crowded and bright maternity hospital during the downtimes of labor or for some possibly the best shuteye after the birth.

Eyeglasses, if you wear them

Many pregnant women who use contact lenses decide not to wear them at the hospital or birth center. If you’ll be using contacts, bring a lens solution and a lens bag with you. Remember: If you’re having a c-section, you’ll be required to take out your contact lenses beforehand.

Hospital Checklist for Mom: After Delivery

What To Wear After Giving Birth In Hospital?

Nightgowns. Throughout your stay in the hospital, you’ll need to have something soft and flexible to sleep in, and a soft, loose sleeper is a wonderful choice. If you intend to nurse, choose a style that opens from the front.


Extra pairs of comfy underwear big enough to wear over heavy-duty pregnancy pads should be brought with you.


Put in your bag a couple of nursing bras or other comfy, well-fitting bras with you.

Cosmetics and skincare products

If you use makeup on a regular basis, don’t forget your cosmetics. Also, bring some moisturizer with you, since your skin may feel drier than normal.

Glasses and contact lenses

Although it may seem apparent, these little details may often slip your mind when preparing your hospital bag. If you use contact lenses, don’t forget to bring contact lens solutions and a lens bag.

Phone and charger

Don’t neglect your phone and charger, unless you’re going on a digital detox at this particular time. You may use it to keep in contact with loved ones, snap those first few photos, and share your exciting news on social media.


You may want to bring some comfy clothing to wear throughout your hospital stay in addition to your nightgown. Bring additional clothing with you to wear at home. Choose anything with a drawstring or elastic waist that is loose-fitting.

Handouts and reference books

You may have gotten some useful notes from your prenatal courses or own some baby reference books. The physicians and nurses will be able to provide you with a lot of customized advice, but you may find that these materials are more helpful after you have your baby in your arms.

Snacks and drinks

Because labor may be quite lengthy at times, you might want to bring some food and beverages with you. However, check with your doctor to see whether you’ll be able to eat or drink anything while you’re in labor. Also, bring some of your favorite snacks with you to the hospital in case you need some comfort food during your stay.

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