What to do before an ultrasound for the best images?

When you are pregnant, it is a really exciting milestone to learn the gender of your baby. With the latest ultrasound technology, now your doctor can easily tell you whether you are having a boy or girl. While it’s your decision to reveal the sex of your baby, you might wonder how to get prepared for a 3D ultrasound appointment after all?

Once you gave the decision to have your doctor reveal the gender of your baby, then you should prepare for the 3D baby ultrasound before the big day.

How To Get Prepared For 3D Ultrasound

In general, wearing a pair of stretchy pants is better, since the doctor will ask you to lower or remove the pants in order for the sonographer to get clear pictures of the little one.

Another thing to do before the ultrasound appointment is to drink plenty of water before the procedure. This is because, when your bladder is totally full, it gets easier to get an accurate picture of your baby’s genitalia.

So, how much water to drink before an ultrasound appointment?

Generally, one hour prior to the appointment, it is better to have a minimum of 24 oz. of water which can make it easier for your technician to see your baby clearly.

Get prepared for some feelings of disappointment which you may not feel happy when you hear the news that your baby’s gender is the oppositive of what you wished. Note that your baby’s health is more important than knowing the gender.

Besides, it can also happen that the gender of your baby cant be revealed in the first appointment. Therefore, consider the possibility of having to leave the clinic without knowing if you are having a boy or girl.

How to get your baby move?

While you can learn more about how you can make your baby move here, by gently pressing on your stomach will help get him or her to move before the procedure. Focus on the health of your baby if you are disappointed about the gender and you will likely get used to the news and enjoy the excitement of meeting your little one.

When Do You Get Your First Ultrasound Picture?

Gaining your baby’s 3D ultrasound image can be one of the most exciting moments of your pregnancy. When you see a 3D picture of the forming fetus, it will be the first experience even as early as 6 weeks. In order to generate an image of your developing baby in the fetus, an ultrasound employs sound waves.

Ultrasound procedure helps the doctor to find out potential birth abnormalities, health issues, or physical defects. Either you may be advised to have an early appointment for an ultrasound or wait until the more common ultrasound of mid-pregnancy.

Your doctor might also advise to have an early ultrasound, which is usually between 6 to 9 weeks.

These early ultrasounds are generally recommended if you have menstrual bleeding during the first weeks of pregnancy, whether you have recently miscarried, or if your doctor feels that the pregnancy can present risks.

Your doctor would most likely choose a transvaginal ultrasound to get the best image at this early stage because the fetus is still very small.

By listening to the fetus’s pulse, the doctor will determine the age of the baby and test for any fetal anomalies.

WebMD states that the majority of women get their first 3D ultrasound appointment at around 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Your sonographer will cover your abdomen with a thin layer of gel which acts as a conductor during a transabdominal ultrasound to get the best image quality.

He will later use a small handheld transducer back and forth over your belly

The transducer transfers high-frequency sound waves into the abdomen that bounce off the growing baby and is transferred to a computer which transforms those waves into images.

On a monitor placed nearby, you can view a 3D image of your baby and particularly be able to see her arms, hands, legs, and as well as know his gender.

Furthermore, the doctor will analyze the ultrasound image to make sure that your baby develops healthy and properly.

What to do before the ultrasound process?

After scheduling an ultrasound appointment, ask your doctor if you need to come to the clinic with a full bladder. This is because when you have your bladder full, sound wavers can travel more effectively through the liquid which helps to create better images to view.

Therefore, your doctor may ask you to drink up to 6 glasses of water one hour prior to the ultrasound. The doctor will probably ask you not to visit the bathroom until following the ultrasound since a full bladder keeps pockets of air from developing in your bladder, which can otherwise impact the quality of the image.

Those who are prepared to receive a transvaginal ultrasound, need to make sure that they have the procedure done either partly full or empty bladder.


With the help of today’s ultrasound imaging, you can get lots of information and as well as the image of your baby which might not have been possible to acquire before this technology was developed.

If ultrasound imaging indicates that your unborn baby is developing health issues, then you will have plenty of time to work with your doctor in order to solve the problem and the best course of action.

Although things you do not expect can happen, the good news is that we have seen most of the babies develop in a healthy and quite normal way.

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