Gestational diabetes: What you need to know

How diabetes can affect your 3D ultrasound

In our 3D ultrasound Toronto studio we take every measure to ensure we get the best images possible. Sometimes, the little ones don’t want to show their faces or are asleep at the time of the session. In this case we would often advise you to have something sweet to eat or drink to wake your baby up or make them move into a better position. Also, when you book for one of our packages, we let you know in advance to drink plenty, including sugary things to make sure the baby is active. However, we would always ensure you don’t have a any issues with your blood sugar levels. We would like to discuss just how big of a problem sugar has become for the general population, and specifically for you, as a mom-to-be. 

baby vision ultrasound

In recent years, gestational and youth diabetes has become as big of an issue as adult-onset diabetes.  More than 8% of pregnant women suffer from this disease. This can cause several serious conditions for your baby and you. Your baby might be overweight and will either be born earlier. Doctors could also induce early birth due to excessive weight. This, in turn, could lead to further complications such as respiratory distress syndrome. Gestational diabetes can also lead to type 2 diabetes later in your child’s life.

For the mother, gestational diabetes could mean high blood pressure as well as the development of type 2 diabetes later. While limiting sugar intake is one of the best ways to avoid this condition, you should be careful of what you exclude from your diet. Many people stop sugar intake by, among other things, not eating very useful foods like fruits and vegetables. This, generally isn’t a good idea, unless the sugar levels are really high. By cutting these extremely useful food groups you’re also depriving yourself and your baby of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutritious substances vital for baby’s development. 

Instead, early in on your pregnancy, try to cut out the harmful stuff that contains high levels of sugar. These include sodas, cereal, snack bars, pastry, etc. Not only will you reduce your sugar intake, but you will also restrict your consumption of harmful fillers and lab-designed flavor imitating chemicals that may cause damage to both your and baby’s bodies.  

Recent studies have also shown that drinking diet soda doesn’t improve your health. One reason is that if you replace regular soda with diet, you might allow yourself to eat that extra slice of cake. Another reason is that the sugar substitutes used in these sugar-free drinks aren’t really that good for you either. They can produce feelings of extreme hunger later on, or lead to nutritious deprivation if you drink too much of it.

By the same account, you might think drinking juices might be a better way, but unless it specifically notes on the package that there is no sugar added, they’re just as bad or worse, as soda. Even with no sugar added, packaged juices should be avoided if your sugar levels are high. If you’re craving juice, buy the fruit and squeeze it out at home, or visit one of those places that squeeze the juice right in front of you.

baby vision ultrasound
baby vision ultrasound

So, be healthy, make the right choices, but don’t shy away from the good stuff in life- everyone needs a bit of chocolate or something delicious every now and then. Plus by eating a wide variety of foods you’re letting your baby learn flavors, so by choosing the right things you’re giving your baby a running start to being healthy. 

As always we look forward to seeing you at our studio!

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