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A Date With Baby offers early gender reveal ultrasound services at affordable prices. With our 3D/4D early gender reveal services, expectant mothers in all the Greater Toronto Area, ON, can now learn the gender of their babies in a cozy atmosphere.

How does gender reveal ultrasound work?

While we will use all available modalities during gender determination, if the baby is in the right position, we will always try to obtain a 3D image of the gender. We particularly like these, because it gives our guests a clear view of who they expect. Of course, babies don’t always cooperate, so while we will do our best, a 3D image of gender might not always be possible. 

While many parents-to-be eagerly await the ultrasound to determine their baby’s gender, there’s another option available. Consider our early gender blood test which can reveal your baby’s gender as early as 7 weeks with 99% accuracy. It’s a fantastic choice for those who can’t wait to know!

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Why choose A Date With Baby?

At our 3D Ultrasound studio A Date With Baby Toronto ON, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer care. We provide a comfortable, clean, relaxing experience for each ultrasound session.

We think that a place where one can relax and enjoy the experience is especially important during pregnancy, a time when an expectant mother can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted. 

We think that the best approach to pregnancy care is to involve family and friends. This is why we have designed our studio to comfortably fit your whole family, and let them all enjoy the experience.

When can a 4d ultrasound determine gender?

4D ultrasound can accurately determine your baby’s gender starting from 16 weeks of pregnancy. You can now see more of your baby and the incredible growth that is currently taking place.

When does ultrasound start showing gender?

To be able to guarantee our determination services, and to ensure that there are no surprises later, our team has decided to start the gender reveal services at 16 weeks

The reasoning here is very simple. The external genitalia develops only around the 12th week of pregnancy, which means that technically that is the earliest time we could see it. So why don’t we do it then, you might ask.

Well, as you can imagine, at 12 weeks, the baby is still very small, and therefore the private parts are going to be even smaller, too small for the ultrasound, even 2D sonography, to clearly identify.

While some theories exist about determining the gender at this stage, we would rather be safe and wait until the gender is fully visible at an ultrasound. 

How accurate are ultrasounds in determining gender?

As mentioned above, ultrasound gender accuracy at the 16th week of pregnancy and up, are fully guaranteed by our gender reveal services.

That means that if we cannot see the gender on your first visit, we will rebook you free of charge to come back again and give it another shot.

Some of the things that might prevent us from seeing the baby’s gender could be that the legs are very close together, the umbilical cord might be between the legs, or the baby might be turned away from us completely. It could even be all of the above.

However, in the vast majority of cases, we are able to see everything quite well during the first visit. 

How much is the gender determination?

We strive to provide excellent 3D Ultrasound packages at reasonable prices. Currently, our gender determination services are $85, and we do run specials on certain days. Be sure to check our specials page, or packages page to see our other services. 

The gender determination package includes a 10-15 minute session, during which you get to enjoy your baby’s movements, see and hear the heartbeat and receive one printed image.

While we will always do our best to obtain the best face image of the baby, we cannot guarantee that during this session, as it is focused mainly on gender.

At the end of the session, we will show you all the images we were able to obtain, and you get to choose the one you’d like to print.

And, as mentioned above, we will always offer a free repeat session if we cannot give a firm determination on the first visit. You can also check this article to see whether you need a 3D or 4D ultrasound service.

At the 16-week scan, the orientation of the nub can be used to determine the gender of the fetus. At this time, it is possible to recognize this on babies, and if it points vertically, the baby is most likely a boy. It is probably a girl if it points horizontally.

Our gender reveals ultrasound packages start from just 85 CAD. 

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