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What Is Ultrasound?

A special crystal is placed in the ultrasound transducer to send and receive sound waves. When these sound waves are sent, they travel out of the probe and when they hit an object, they bounce back into the transducer. The machine analyzes many parameters of those signals and converts that data into an image on our screens. The signals travel in flat planes, and “slices” whatever is being scanned into layers that we eventually see on screen. In its basic and most widely used form, this is known as 2D ultrasound imaging. 

Why 3D?

2D imaging is extremely useful. Ultrasound can provide healthcare workers with a massive amount of information that is helpful in medical management. However, we do not live in a two dimensional world. If you’ve ever seen any 2D ultrasound pictures, you probably wondered how anyone can say anything about anything based on that. We see things in three dimensions, and so it take a great amount of skill and expertise to interpret an image in 2D quality and apply that to real life. In recent years, many ultrasound disciplines have started utilizing 3D capabilities. It helps us to better interpret the pictures in front of us and view them as real life images. 

Thanks to the superior information obtained from 3D imaging, surgeons now rely heavily on this modality to be better prepared, for example, for certain heart surgeries.

As this is a better way to see things, why not use it to see those beautiful babies! 3D pictures are amazingly close in appearance of the real life newborns. 

Not all 3D pictures are created equal, however. Equipment makes a difference. At A Date With Baby we utilize the best and the latest ultrasound equipment, that provides better 3D pictures but also a much more realistic view of the baby and baby’s surroundings . Afterall, why stop improving? 

Is Ultrasound Safe For The Baby?

Yes! Ultrasound has been used in healthcare for decades. 3D ultrasound is still just an ultrasound with a more beautiful image. There has been some amount of unsubstantiated claims that it may cause some mild unwanted effects on babies. So far, nobody who ever made those claims has been able to prove that any of them are true.

The facts are, that anatomical ultrasound has been safely used for a very long time. Baby ultrasound is used as often as needed in medical practices, without any risk of overexposure. Ultrasound sonographers do not wear any protective gear, which means that there does not exist any risk of overexposure, otherwise it would have affected them.

Why Aren't Doctors Ordering These?

The fact is that more and more physicians around the world are relying on 3D ultrasound to make decisions. Obstetrics is one of the medical fields with lots to gain from using 3D. Early pregnancy ultrasound in 3D can be very helpful in obtaining valuable information. The trouble is, though, that not all labs are equipped with 3D machines. Those machines are  much more expensive that the regular ones, however, the government insurance plans to not reimburse more for 3D than for 2D, making the upgrade unattractive. So while, perhaps your doctor would want it, there isn’t much they can do.  

Will I get Any Medical Diagnosis or Information?

Unfortunately, due to regulations and laws we are not able to provide our clients with medical diagnosis, and our scans will only be for keepsake/entertainment purposes. You physician will be ordering everything you need to ensure you and your baby are safe and healthy!

How Do You Record My Session?

There are two main ways, actually. At the time of your appointment, you may request a full session video. By default, we will only record “best of” videos, meaning as soon as the image is optimized and the baby is well visible, recording will start, and will end when the baby turns away or the image worsens for any reason. This results in shorter clips of video, but we find that much preferred, since you will only get videos of the baby’s best poses, with no extra unnecessary bits like the technologist looking for and adjusting the image. In total, the time of all videos might be less than your session time, since we will only record when baby is visible (this depends on baby’s position and spacial orientation). A full session video, available at your request, will include the whole session, including the technologist looking for the image, optimizing it, etc., which can often be a lengthy procedure, depending on baby’s position. Shorter clips are also easier to share and post on social media.

You can select optional USB recording, if you haven’t got a DVD player/reader at home.

If DVD is preferred, we can either make a DVD movie (full session or best clips) playable on a DVD player or computer, then store still images separately. Alternatively, use the DVD as a storage device, and just store the clips and images together.

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