Exercising after delivery is important. It helps you to maintain overall well-being while making you fit. While there are many types of postnatal exercises you can do, EMS training is specifically effective when it comes to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. In general, ems training after pregnancy helps women to improve muscle strength and fix incontinence issues.

Therefore, ems fitness training is one of the best ways to regain your pre-pregnancy shape in terms of postnatal exercises. As A Date With Baby team, we decided to emphasize and shed a light on this important method of training in the following blog article.

Ems Training After Pregnancy

What is EMS training?

Ems Training After Pregnancy Benefits

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training is a full-body workout, which can be used to target specific muscle groups in your body. The main difference from conventional workouts is that EMS can activate up to 90% of all muscles in your body at the same time.

In addition, with EMS fitness training, you can save a lot of time. In general, just 40 minutes of EMS training per week can help you to lose fat, build muscle, and most importantly, will help to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

1. Tones Your Muscles

As mentioned above, electrostimulation training can help you to tone up your muscles faster than spending hours in the gym. This is because it activates many muscle groups at the same time, such as abductors, abdominals, hamstrings, glutes and etc.

2. Eliminates Cellulite

Cellulite, also known as orange peel, is an accumulation of adipose tissue that gives your skin a rough look. Following pregnancy, due to the accumulation of toxins and bad blood circulation, adiposity can increase. EMS training can help to reduce cellulite by improving blood circulation in the skin tissue.

3. Strengthens Pelvic Floor

Many women experience a weakened pelvic floor after delivery, which is one of the most common conditions. While there are many exercises that can help to reinforce the muscles, electric muscle stimulation training seems to work better and faster, helping to overcome urinary incontinence problems.

In addition, these exercises will not only help you to have stronger muscles but also improve your physique, stamina, vitality, while enhancing your mood.

4. It Can Help You To Lose Weight

Women tend to gain more weight following the delivery compared to before pregnancy. If you do not follow a healthy diet, then recovering can sometimes come at a cost. With electro-fitness, you can get rid of excess fats and lose weight faster, as long as you keep your diet healthy, of course.

Also, since it will help you to burn more calories at baseline, you can lose weight in a healthy and controlled way.

5. Shrinks And Strenhtens Your Abdomen

The abdomen is one of the most affected parts of your body during pregnancy. While a few women can easily get back their figure, many women find it harder to do so without some kind of diet or sport.

The electrical stimulation significantly helps in decreasing waist circumference as well as abdominal obesity. Therefore, the high-frequency current therapy is not only beneficial for reducing the levels of abdominal fat, but it also strengthens abdominal muscles to keep your muscles toned and fit.

6. EMS Is Time Saving Workout

Are you a new mom? Then you might have already started to realize that sometimes it seems that time flies and you have fewer hours a day to have everything under control.

EMS training only requires you 40 minutes of workout sessions per week, which you can easily follow. In return, you will get much more benefits compared to traditional workouts that require you to spend several hours in a gym.

7. Relieve Pain and Aches

Being pregnant can lead to lumbar or sciatica pain, which will prevent you from taking on certain tasks. EMS fitness training can be used to recover from injuries while strengthening muscles. It is also beneficial in terms of preventing bone fractures as well as osteoporosis, which can be caused by the weakening of the musculature.

Can You Use Ems While Pregnant?

Although it has many benefits, ems training should not be used when you are pregnant. It is also not recommended during breastfeeding. The reason is that EMS produces muscular tension in the abdomen, hips, and pelvic floor, which is harmful to the fetus.

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