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Gender Blood Test Ontario

Early Gender Blood Test at 7 Weeks

1-2 Business Days Turn Around Time Once Sample Is Received By the Lab

A Date With Baby, located in Toronto, Ontario, offers early gender blood test as early as 7-9 weeks into your pregnancy, boasting a remarkable accuracy rate, all at an affordable starting price of $165.

We have partnered with Early Reveal, a Canadian provider of DNA gender blood test to let parents find out the sex of their baby as early as 9 weeks.

Now Offering Clinical Gender Blood Test Collection Services along with the new EarlyReveal Tap device.

Fast &

The gender blood test kit requires only a small sample taken from a finger prick and results are delivered to your email once the sample is received and processed by the lab.

Guaranteed Accuracy

With a 99% accuracy and minimal blood sampling, gender blood test will not only provide you with peace of mind early on but do so in the comfort of your home!

Backed By Science And 100% Safe

We are thrilled to join a long list of physicians and health professionals across Canada who recommend Early Reveal to their patients.

Money Back Guarantee

Our partner, EarlyReveal, stands behind its product. If by any chance your gender blood test results are wrong, you will be offered a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Gender Blood Test Pricing And Packages

gender blood test

DNA Testing
Kit Only

Pick up your gender blood test kit at our studio and collect the sample in the comfort of your home.

Note: We are now using EarlyReveal Tap device, which collects blood from the surface of your skin (the earlier version using blood from a finger prick), further reducing risk of contamination.

Follow the simple instructions to collect your sample, mail it in and receive the results once the sample has been processed by lab (in most cases – one business day).

The gender blood test process is fast and simple, however, if you are not comfortable with the collection by yourself, we can help you with it at our studio where we ensure a clean and safe environment. 

This service is just $30, and provides you with a peace of mind! (Appointment booking is required for the sample collection).

gender blood test

DNA Testing
+ 1st Trimester Ultrasound

Get your gender blood test kit at our location and take the sample at your leisure at home.

Please note: We’ve switched to the EarlyReveal Tap device for sample collection, utilizing skin surface blood collection (a shift from the previous finger prick method) to minimize contamination risks. Simply follow the instructions for sample collection, send it off, and await your results, which are typically processed by the laboratory within one business day.

The procedure is quick and straightforward, but should you feel uneasy about collecting the sample on your own, our studio is available to assist, ensuring a sterile and secure setting.

This service costs just $30, offering you tranquility of mind! (Booking an appointment is necessary for collecting the sample).

gender blood test

Clinical Blood Collection (IV draw)

A Date With Baby is delighted to announce the launch of a new service at our studio: intravenous blood collection  by a registered nurse. 

This method of blood collection will provide the most reliable and accurate test results, with almost no chances of contamination or incorrect sampling. 

This service is currently only available at the  Toronto studio, and requires an appointment (booked at least 2 business days in advance). 

gender blood test

DNA Test + Gender Reveal Ultrasound

Sometimes you just need some extra reassurance, or you just can’t wait to meet your little one – whichever it is, adding a 4D non-diagnostic session to your DNA test will not only save you money (compared to getting them both separately) but will also reaffirm the blood test result, in case you were wondering about the sample fidelity. 

We can do a gender reveal using ultrasound starting at 15 weeks, which is about a month sooner than your doctor’s ultrasound. And the best part is that you get to see your baby in 3D, hear their heartbeat and see their movements all in one session.
This package also includes sample collection at our studio ($30 value), for increased peace of mind!
(Appointment is required for the sample collection and the ultrasound). 

Get At Home Test Kit

Step 1

Get The Kit

Visit one of our studios to purchase your test kit or purchase the kit online.

*Please call in advance to let us know you're coming.

Step 2

Collect Sample

Collect the sample and use the prepaid mailing option to send it to Early Reveal for processing. If you would like us to collect it for you, please schedule an appointment with us in advance. Extra fees apply.
Step 3

Mail The Sample

Pack it up & drop it in the mail using the pre-paid return label. The return label is included in your kit.
Step 4

The Reveal

You can expect the results by email within 1-2 business days from receival of the sample, so start the party planning!

In-Studio Blood Collection (Intravenous or Tap Device)

Step 1

Book Your Visit

Book your appointment online or by phone.
Step 2

Sample Collection

Visit our studio to have your blood collected through either an intravenous blood draw  or the new Tap device by a registered professional.

Step 3

Sample Processing

We take care of the rest! Once your sample has been collected, we will pack it up and mail it to EarlyReveal for processing.
Step 4

The Reveal

You can expect the results by email within 1-2 business days from receival of the sample, so start the party planning!

Money Back Guaranteed

EarlyReveal will provide a full refund if there are any discrepancies with the determination. No fuss no hassle!

Simple Process
Fast Results

earlyreveal Gender Blood Test

Safe For Mommy And Baby

Our test only requires a few drops of blood. The collection is 100% safe for mom & baby!

As Early As 7-9 Weeks

With EarlyReveal, you can determine your baby's gender at just 9 weeks of pregnancy!

Fastest Results

Your test results are emailed to you in as early as one business day after receival of sample by the lab. 

*Mailing times not included and not guaranteed.

99% Accurate

EarlyReveal's technology uses advanced next-generation sequencing and highly skilled professionals to provide immediate, transparent, and accurate results.

This test achieves an exceptional accuracy rate of 99% after rigorous testing on a large number of samples.

chromosomes, genetics, metacentric-156403.jpg

Let's Talk Science

Why do we need a blood sample? To Detect The Y chromosome (or not)

Female DNA contains XX chromosomes and male DNA contains XY chromosomes. That's how we know if someone is male or female. Early gender DNA gender test relies on detecting the Y chromosomes in the mommy's blood. A blood sample allows the lab to do just that, as it contains both maternal and fetal DNA. Since female DNA doesn't contain any Y chromosomes, and with the presence of male DNA, a Y chromosome must be present in the sample. Given that all conditions of proper sampling have been met, this would mean that you are expecting a baby boy! However, if no Y chromosome is detected, we can safely assume it s a girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The test only requires a small quantity of blood collected through the tap device which attaches to your shoulder and is painless. To ensure safety and prevent infection of any kind, we include one-time use only sterile lancets, and alcohol wipes to be used before and after the test is administered.

For professionally collected samples, the blood will be drawn from a vein by a registered nurse ensuring all required safety protocols are followed. 

A blood test for determining a baby's gender can be conducted as early as 9 weeks into pregnancy. These tests analyze fetal DNA in the mother's bloodstream to identify the baby’s gender with high accuracy. However, it's important to consider that while these tests are generally reliable, there's a small margin for error.

The lab tests are all backed by science! In short, our lab tests target and detect the Y chromosome, which would be present in the mom’s blood if she’s pregnant with a boy.

If the Y chromosome isn’t detected, that means that you’re having a girl. If it is detected, then it’s a boy! The affinity of our targets and the Y chromosome is very high, meaning that the results are very accurate.

Since the DNA test focuses on detecting the Y chromosome, it is vital that no male DNA contaminates the sample during collection. This means that the collection environment has to be sanitized to ensure the removal of all male DNA (saliva, hair, skin cells, etc.). 

As a distributor of the test, A Date With Baby can also serve the role of the sample collector, for an extra fee. 

If you are unsure about the conditions at home, or if you don't feel comfortable performing the collection yourself, please contact us to set up an appointment and perform the test. In this case, we guarantee the protocol adhesion and proper technique as well as a properly sanitized environment. 

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, please make sure:

⭐️ You are at least 7 weeks pregnant. Anything less than that might cause a false test.

⭐️ You live in Canada as we only ship there at the moment.

Not yet 7 weeks in? Our test is good for 1 year! Buy it today and use it as soon as you are eligible. 

We accept cash, all major credit cards, and debit cards. 

If you buy your test online, you will have an option to pay for it once you are at the studio (unless you are selecting to have it shipped), or online. 
Online purchases may be subject to small surcharge fees. 

Of course, we love surprises!

Tell us where you would like the test results to be sent to instead, and we will email them accordingly. Please ensure that the e-mail is correctly written. 

Once your sample is collected at our studio, we ship it out the same day. From then A Date With Baby does not hold any control over the sample. Once the sample is delivered to EarlyReveal, and been processed, you will receive the email with the results. 

You will receive both the Canada Post tracking number to track the parcel and an EarlyReveal sample ID that can be used to contact EarlyReveal for updates. 

As a distributor, A Date With Baby holds no responsibility in regards to the accuracy of the results and money back guarantee. 

Once the sample leaves our studio, EarlyReveal take the whole responsibility to ensure it is processed correctly, and the results are as accurate as possible. 

The sample will be mailed the same day it is collected by Canada Post Express service. 

Mail is collected every week day at 4 pm from the post office, which means samples collected in the afternoon will only be picked up the next day. From then on, it usually takes one or two business days to be delivered. 

Weekends, holidays, and other days that are observed by Canada Post as non-working days will definitely affect this timeline. 

You will be provided tracking information to be able to see the progress your sample is making. A Date With Baby cannot control the shipping speeds, unfortunately. 

Unfortunately rarely the test results are wrong for a variety of factors. 

EarlyReveal, accepts the full responsibility for the accuracy of the tests with their money back guarantee. 

Please contact EarlyReveal (info@earlyreveal.com) to apply for the refund. Please note that they usually require the birth certificate as proof of the baby's sex.

If you purchase a DNA + Ultrasound package, there will be a partial refund that will only cover the DNA test portion.

Please note: A Date With Baby has no control over the test's accuracy, and will therefore not be liable for refunds or money back guarantees. All such request need to be made directly to EarlyReveal. 

Our early gender blood test boasts a remarkable 99% accuracy rate, providing expectant mothers with reliable insights into their unborn child's gender

While our gender blood test has a 99% accuracy rate, it's important to note that improper sampling could potentially lead to incorrect results, including false identification of a boy.

By the time you reach 12 weeks into your pregnancy, the early gender blood test maintains its high accuracy rate of 99%, making it a trustworthy option for determining your baby's gender.

You can expect to receive your baby's gender test results within just one or two working days of the lab receiving the samples (mailing service speeds may affect this), allowing you to quickly gain insights into your baby's sex.

It is important to note, that samples are shipped via Canada Post Express service, and while this is usually a fast and reliable method, delays do happen. Please allow enough time to compensate for any potential issues. 

A Date With Baby is not responsible for any potential delays in mail delivery. Results collected on Friday, weekends, and before statutory holidays, will only be picked up for transport next business day. 

Compare Packages

Package Home DNA Test Kit Clinical DNA Test DNA Test Kit + Gender Reveal 4D Ultrasound
Price $165 $210 $250
Free Sample Shipping Included Included Included
99% Accuracy Included Included Included
Priority Processing Time: 1-2 Business day once sample is received Included Included Included
Money Back Guarantee Included Included Included
Sample Collected At Our Studio Add-on option: $30 extra Included Included
Gender Reveal 4D Ultrasound (16 weeks and up) Not Included; $99 extra Not Included; $99 extra Included
Intravenous blood collection No Yes Optional
Skin Surface Blood Collection (Tap Device) Yes No Optional
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