Dear Valued Customers,

In the wake of an unprecedented global health crisis related to the outbreak of COVID-19, our team is taking the necessary firm action in order to protect our staff, clients, and the members of the community. 

We take our role as a service provider to a sensitive population very seriously. Our rooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected in order to protect everyone from any pathogens there may be. In these trying times, however, we will be increasing the frequency and depth of cleaning and sanitizing the rooms and equipment. 

What We Are Doing:

  • Wearing personal protective equipment at all times.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting the premises and all items in common areas daily, and after each client. 
  • Allowing more time between appointments to encourage social distancing and allow for cleaning time.
  • Maintaining good hand hygiene.
  • Maintaining a safe distance from clients, whenever possible.

What We Ask Of You:

Please note:
We will be enforcing the following measures for the foreseeable future. We reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if we deem that you may pose a risk to our team or other clients.

  • Please limit number of guests to 1 person.
  • All visitors will be required to wear a mask prior to admission (when available, we will offer masks for a fee).
  • All visitors will be required to sanitize their hands upon arrival.
  • Arrive for your appointment no earlier than 5-10 minutes prior. If arriving early, please wait outside of the studio.
  • Please cancel your appointment if you:
    • Are feeling unwell.
    • Have been in close contact with an infected person.
    • Have traveled in the last two weeks, regardless if you are exhibiting symptoms or not.
  • Call us if you feel like you might present a risk to others who may be visiting our studio.
  • Call us if you have questions regarding the risk of attending your appointment. 

 Please keep these important things in mind when making or coming in for your appointments. There are NO FEES for cancelations, so please give us a call to reschedule or cancel the appointment if needed. 

We are monitoring this situation closely. Although we are all very happy to be able to go out into the community again, things may change fast, and the province might reinstate emergency orders. Please monitor our social media for updates. In case we do need to cancel your appointment, we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible. 

We thank you for understanding and wish you to stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Best wishes,

Your Team At A Date With Baby

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