How to Check Pregnancy at Home?

It is believed that you can know whether you are pregnant or not by simply taking an easy DIY test at home.

First signs of pregnancy develop when you miss your period, become sick in the mornings or feel nauseous throughout the day. As these can be symptoms of various conditions, however, it is always best to confirm your suspicion with a pregnancy test. 

To be clear, the scientifically proven pregnancy kit is the best way to confirm pregnancy at home. However, as other methods are being widely described, we thought they would be worth looking into. So, in this article, we will look at different ways of detecting pregnancy at home. 

How to Check Pregnancy at Home

How to check for pregnancy at home?

Pregnancy Test Kits

Pregnancy tests at home are based on determining the presence of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine sample. The human gonadotropin chorionic (HCG) hormone is released when a woman gets pregnant.
The tests can also be performed 5 to 10 days following a missed period.

Here is how you can test your pregnancy at home with the pregnancy test:

  1. If possible, wait until the morning to take the test.
  2. Insert the test strip mid-stream.
  3. Wait for a few minutes.
  4. Observes the changes in the pregnancy indicator.
    Some tests have digital readouts, while others use lines to indicate if you’re pregnant or not. Most simple tests show two lines when the pregnancy is confirmed.

It is important to note that you should follow the test’s specific instructions if provided.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

The idea of testing whether you are pregnant or not with toothpaste is simple and fast but needs little planning. You only need a toothpaste (some recommend using a white paste), a urine sample, a container for mixing the two and a few minutes.
As the test kit bought in-store, this method relies on the detection of HGC in the urine sample.
People who say that the toothpaste method is effective are convinced of a chemical reaction is triggered by urine and toothpaste.
This hormone can give you many signs to spot the pregnancy early on. The symptoms include nausea and vomiting, more commonly referred to as morning sickness.

What does a positive result with toothpaste look like?
Those who believe in this DIY test say that the toothpaste, possibly as a reaction to the pregnancy hormone, will either change the color or the fizz when you are pregnant.

What does a negative result with toothpaste look like?
If you are not pregnant, which means that your body does not generate the pregnancy hormone, the idea is that mixing toothpaste with urine does not cause reactions of any kind.

How accurate is the toothpaste pregnancy test?
Pregnancy checking with toothpaste is neither accurate nor effective for verifying a pregnancy. It is also not proven whether toothpaste can identify the pregnancy hormone in your urine. Once again, the toothpaste that interacts with acid in urine can actually result in fizzing.

Salt Pregnancy Test

Salt pregnancy testing recently became popular online, which is one of the many DIY pregnancy tests at home. While certain bloggers and YouTubers argue that the test reports are accurate, medical experts are not in agreement. This is how the salt pregnancy test is believed to work and if you should try it.

How do you take a pregnancy test with salt?
There is no one way of taking a salt pregnancy test, but in general, you only have to mix a tablespoon or two of salt with a morning urine sample and wait a few minutes to a couple of hours.
You are considered to be pregnant if your urine appears “milky” or “cheesy.” You’re not pregnant, according to myth, if the combination doesn’t change in its appearance.
The nature of the salt pregnancy test has no scientific explanation. The HCG interacts with salt triggering the solution to curdle or change its texture according to the believers in this technique. But there is no proof to support the claim and no reason for the reaction of salt and HCG.

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