Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant? | Is Hair Color Safe?

There’s a long raging debate emphasizing if pregnant women should use hair color. If you ask whether or not you can dye your hair while pregnant and if it’s safe during pregnancy, then you can find answers about hair color and pregnancy in the following article.

In short, dying hair while pregnant is safe. However, you should consider certain precautions and follow rules in order to make sure the process is totally safe.

can you dye your hair while pregnant

Haircolor and pregnancy

It is absolutely understandable why pregnant women worry about certain chemicals that hair dye contains, such as ammonia and peroxide. However, since the concentrations of these chemicals in hair dye is very low, using small quantities to color your hair is actually not enough to put you or your baby at risk. Besides, hair dye won’t stay in contact with your scalp for a long time, and thus would not be absorbed and become dangerous to your growing baby. 

According to some articles online, you can wait until the second trimester in order to color your hair, however, this is not necessarily important due to the reasons we have mentioned above. Your fetus’ organs are being formed and developed in the first trimester, which makes it clear why some women prefer to postpone coloring hair until 2nd trimester.

Things To Consider While Dying Hair While Pregnant

Below you can read some useful tips which make sure you keep your baby safe while getting the best from your hair dye.


You can get your hair colored during the first trimester, however, we still suggest you wait until the second trimester. Although there is no clear research carried on this topic, according to many experts, expectant mothers should wait until the beginning of the second trimester to start using hair color products, just to be safe.

Of course, you might have to get your hair color done after a month of pregnancy while experiencing a crazy rush of pregnancy hormones through your body. It is at this stage, after all, that you may notice that your hair starts to grow faster and even becomes a different texture than it used to be.

It is important to consider that your baby goes through a major development during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. During this time, his organs are taking shape, and he also develops muscles, nail beds, and as well as hair follicles. So, while there is not much evidence backing any claims that the chemicals in hair dye are absorbed and harmful for your growing baby, there is also no need to take a chance.

Choose Your Services Wisely

Ask your doctor about coloring your hair, and if you are comfortable with it, you may want to consider which kind of service is the safest. During the certain hair coloring processes, such as root touch-ups and a root-to-tip, the pores in your scalp can absorb the chemicals. This is because the dye is also applied to the skin and this can result in the chemicals entering your bloodstream.

Highlights During Pregnancy

For a safer alternative, you may use highlights during pregnancy. In this coloring technique, the hair dye is painted directly onto the hair shaft. During the process, the scalp is covered with a cap. Then, hair dye is applied after your hair is pulled through the cap that covers the skin.

Having highlights during pregnancy is a safer alternative to consider, compared to using regular hair dyes. This eliminates any risk that could be associated with the dye since the color is only applied on strands of your hair and does not contact the scalp.

Talk to your stylist about using gentler color options. She or he may advise you on an ammonia-free type of coloring. If you opt to color your hair yourself, then you may want to have a semi-permanent color that does not contain peroxide or ammonia. These types of hair dye gradually fade after a month and are actually more forgiving than those which are permanent. The other safer alternatives are vegetable and henna dyes.


Coloring your hair when you are pregnant is safe. You can either do it yourself or ask your stylist to help you to choose the best one based on your individual condition. According to some sources, it is better to wait until the second trimester before dying your hair. And finally, highlighting is actually a safer alternative for coloring your hair compared to other methods, since the dye is not applied to the scalp.

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