Is Coffee Ok During Pregnancy?

When you’re pregnant, can you continue consuming coffee?

According to a number of people, it’s normal to continue with normal caffeine habits during pregnancy, however, others do not think the same. So, who is right?

Experts consider their views and suggest caffeine alternatives for expecting mothers at popular chains, such as Starbucks and Tim Horton’s. So, can you drink coffee when you’re pregnant?

Can You Drink Coffee When You're Pregnant

Is Coffee Ok During Pregnancy?

Is the consumption of caffeinated beverages safe for your baby in utero?

According to health experts being pregnant does not require you to stop drinking coffee entirely. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) notes that mild intake of caffeine, which is less than 200mg daily, is not considered a risk factor in miscarriage or premature birth.

It is, however, recommended to reduce daily intake.

The link of caffeine to suppressing fetal development remains uncertain, according to physicians. So it may be in your favor, if you are pregnant, to reduce the caffeine consumption a little.

Since there are contradictory results from various research, pregnant women should restrict caffeine consumption to less than 200 mg a day before more reliable studies are conducted.

Although the study of the link between caffeine and pregnancy is not reliable, doctors recommend restricting yourself (if not able to completely remove) to 1 or 2 caffeinated drinks a day while pregnant.

During the first trimester, when all your baby’s’ fetal organs are developing, it is recommended that pregnant women restrict intake if the mother has a record of repeated first trimester losses.

Starbucks Drinks For Pregnant Women

A reference for expectant mothers for drinking coffee at popular chains:


As it is advised to drink just 200 mg of coffee daily, at Starbucks you may want to consider some replacements to your favorite beverage, particularly when your afternoon fatigue begins.

You may well know the lack of intake of caffeine will be one of many frustrating facets of the pregnancy. You can try many options. For some women, the only one that really hits the mark might be herbal tea. Since it tastes great too, without the shakes and crashes it offers you a strong buzz, like coffee. Additionally, you can continue the intake of herbal tea after giving birth too.

What can you drink at Starbucks that is safe for pregnant women?

The majority of Frappuccino drinks are safe, except for the Espresso Frappuccino, which contains a higher amount of caffeine content. In addition, some of them, like the vanilla bean cream, have absolutely no caffeine.

Iced coffee
Based on its form and temperature, the caffeine amount in iced teas ranges between 15 to 90 mg.

Opt for the varieties of citrus or lime, since the hibiscus is not advised for pregnant.

Since smoothies just milk with fruit, it’s a perfectly healthy choice in which you can also add some flavored syrup to get an extra taste!

Tim Horton’s

In general, swapping the cup of hot coffee to a tiny one can be the simplest replacement. The small, original blend and dark roast coffees have less than the permissible 200 mg daily intake of caffeine.

What are some other drinks that you can drink safely during pregnancy?

There is 75 mg of caffeine per Espresso shot. You may consider taking a shot alone, or a latte or a cappuccino. Sticking to the small and medium sizes is therefore advised.

Some alternatives to coffee you can make at home

You can try some hot water with lemon and, at least, you will be able to keep the morning routine of holding a steaming hot mug.

Certain flavors, during pregnancy, can make you easily nauseous, especially when you have morning sickness. This also includes hot cocoa.

When you have morning sickness during pregnancy, many flavors can make you queasy, including hot cocoa. The sensation of drinking from a warm mug can, therefore, help to reduce your cravings and the hot water (with ginger) will help you to soothe your stomach from nausea.

You can also try consuming raspberry leaf tea, which is full of vitamins and minerals that are known to help reinforce the walls of the uterus and accelerate labor.

To sum up, when you lower your intake of coffee during pregnancy, it’s best to ask the doctor for alternative drinking options and note that caffeine is still found in other beverages and things, particularly in chocolate and root beer.

It is better to restrict yourself to one cup of coffee in the morning which you still like to drink. After that, carry on sticking on just drinking still water, to keep yourself hydrated.

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