Pregnancy is such a fascinating and beautifully intimate time. As the days go by, you have a remarkable chance to build a beautiful new, tiny life and slowly feel her slipping inside of you.

During this forty-week process, you can usually have two ultrasounds at 3d ultrasound studio date with baby toronto: around eight and twelve weeks, the dating scan, and the twenty-week anatomy scan.

These 2D scans will provide a great deal of excitement and satisfaction. However, in a 3D ultrasound of your growing bundle of joy, there is something simply stunning.

best time for 3d ultrasound

What is the best time for 3D ultrasound?

The best time to get a 3D ultrasound is between 24 and 32 weeks since by 33 weeks, your baby will have descended into your pelvis, making it more challenging to capture clear images.

Your baby is way smaller than a seed when you figured out you were having a little one. The baby was more definitely smaller than a raspberry by the time you had your first 2D dating ultrasound. By the time you have your anatomy scan at 20 weeks, a banana will be the fruit equal to your baby’s height.

The ultrasound picture gets increasingly obvious as the baby increases in size, going from a tiny lump to a bona fide baby. The longer you wait to have a 3D ultrasound, the more accurate and beautiful your baby will look in the image, in the same way.

So when is the best time to get a 3D ultrasound that your family will always treasure?

The earliest time for 3D Ultrasound is considered during the second half of the trimester (which is between 20-27 Weeks)

3D ultrasounds will start to have an accurate look at your precious baby over this seven-week period.

The eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and chin of your baby are nearing their last phase of evolution, giving parents a first impression of what their tiny love in less than twenty weeks would be like.

Since the baby seems to have a bit of development left to do, she might look slimmer than you anticipate a baby to; note that after the third trimester they don’t start filling out with that classic baby fat we all want to obsess about.

While at this phase of pregnancy, their warm womb has been a little snugger, their facial expressions have only entered their late phase in growth, so at this stage a 3D or 4D ultrasound is preferable.

Baby fat starts to make the baby grow out and look like the chubby little baby you will expect in a couple of weeks, and at this time their eyes are opened again for most babies!

While due to the limitation of the space, you might not get to see every inch of your baby, what you’ll see maybe even more detailed and cute than just about every other time of pregnancy.

The Latest Timing

The final best time for planning your 3D Ultrasound visit is considered during the second half of the third trimester (which is between 33-36 weeks of pregnancy)

At this stage in your pregnancy, whether you want to have a 3D scan, it would be the first real test on whether you have a convincing little one on your hands. This final weeks of pregnancy are where all the image of your baby will be as similar as possible to what you will get to see it in the near future.

Best Time For 3d Ultrasound Gender

If you want to know your baby’s gender, then you can book an appointment as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy. While you may also get a check-up even earlier, this will not guarantee accurate results.

You may pick your 3D/4D ultrasound scan package for a convenient online booking.

How To Get The Best Ultrasound Results

Then again, catching those aspects of your baby (such as her face, depending on her position) is always a struggle since they are heading for the descent and running out of room!

Although if the stars align, you can probably get a beautiful photo, it is generally best not to wait until this stage of pregnancy unless considered required, or until your physician or gynecologist advises it.

To book your appointment for 3D ultrasound imaging that offers a three-dimensional view of your developing fetus, contact us today! There are also 4D ultrasounds available.

Have more questions? Then please check out our FAQ page in order to find all the answers you’ve been searching for!

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