Baking Soda Gender Prediction: Boy or Girl

A baking soda pregnancy test is one of the home-based (DIY) methods to reveal whether you are pregnant, which can be done easily and without any effort. Keep reading to find out:

  • how to do it
  • how accurate is the test
  • and can it be used in gender prediction

If you are unwilling to purchase a pregnancy test or consult your GP to find out if you are pregnant, then you should not stress. Because there is a homemade alternative that also can be used to reveal pregnancy. And, like many other home-made solutions in healthcare, there are supporters and those not 100% on board, but the consensus is that individual results vary, and none of the below information is meant to replace any medical opinion. Furthermore, the lack of empirical evidence and not very scientific thought process of these DIY solutions lead us at A Date With Baby, to doubt their effectiveness. Nonetheless, to satisfy our readers curiosity, here we go:

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Even today many women around the world use baking soda pregnancy tests as a DIY method to determine pregnancy. It is low-cost, easy to do, and convenient way to determine whether the hCG hormone is present in the urine sample.

How Does Baking Soda And Urine Reaction Work?

At the early stage of pregnancy, the pregnancy hormone called hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is actively present in your urine. Using baking soda it is claimed that you can determine the presence of this hormone.

What Makes Baking Soda Fizz With Urine?

Based on the reaction of a urine sample and baking soda it is claimed that it would be possible to tell if the of hCG is present, which would mean you are pregnant. Also, some suggest that the fizzy reaction of these two compounds may also be used to reveal the gender of your baby, which we will see later in this article. 

Urine is naturally acidic, which helps prevent infection in the urinary tract. Baking soda is basic. When the two mix, we get the fizzing reaction easily observable by a naked eye, which makes this experiment very popular.

How To Perform The Test?

You need to have the following in order to perform the test:

  • Baking soda
  • Two cups, which you should label them as cup A and cup B
  • A urine sample (fresh)

Once you have the items mentioned above, you should to the following to perform the test:

  • Have your urine sample in cup A
  • Put one spoon of baking soda into cup B
  • Add the mixture of cup B into cup A
  • Pay attention to see if there is any reaction between these two

Please note that you need to have a fresh urine sample, which would make the detection of hCG easy. In fact, you should prefer using the first urine sample which you can collect during your first bathroom visit in the morning.

How To Interpret Baking Soda Test Results?

The proponents of this theory would say that the fizzy reaction of materials means that the test result is positive and you are pregnant. Consequently, you are not pregnant when the opposite is true, meaning that there is no reaction.

You should also note that the timing of the test is also important. This is because there is a chance of getting a false-negative outcome, when the result, in fact, is positive. Therefore, you need to know when to perform the test to get the most accurate results.

Can Baking Soda Help To Reveal Gender Accurately?

Some people claim that based on the type of reaction of soda and urine sample, the result can reveal your baby’s gender. So that you are probably having a boy if the urine starts to fizz when you add baking soda. In addition, if there is nothing happening and the soda stays flat, then you’re supposedly having a girl. Yet again, no evidence of the accuracy and effectiveness of this test.

When Is The Best Time For A Test?

After one week of ovulation, a woman’s body starts to generate hCG. Therefore the optimal time to take a baking soda pregnancy test is one week or more after your missed cycle.

You will probably get a negative result if you perform the test earlier, which means that will need to do it again after some time.

How Accurate Is The Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

The accuracy of the baking soda pregnancy test has not been confirmed by any scientific evidence. According to some women, results are reliable, while many others suggest that you may not get accurate results.

Sometimes the first result is negative, while the second attempt would be positive. This gives us the idea that the accuracy of the baking soda pregnancy test is 50 percent.

Nevertheless, since the procedure requires no cost and is very easy to do, many women around the world use the test to determine pregnancy. Still, if you want to have 100% accurate results, you need to use a pregnancy test kit or visit your GP.

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