People love seeing their babies at our 3D ultrasound studio in Toronto. One of the biggest attractions is to see the baby do something that we don’t normally picture them doing in there. A yawn or hand gesture can make ultrasound pictures very real and parents-to-be love it! A lot of times 4D ultrasound can show the baby drinking the amniotic fluid, which always gives way to a lot of questions, like is it safe, or is that normal. The answer, of course, is yes to both questions. Baby’s tend to drink the fluid when mommy has had something tasty, and that is quite ok.

If utilizing 4D ultrasound, you can also see the baby smile and even smile with open mouth (laugh). It is quite a sighting and always makes everyone in the room very excited.

On 26 weeks ultrasound and further, you may be lucky enough to see the baby open their eyes during your visit. The usual appearance of the eyes on 3D ultrasound is continuous with the rest of the tissues, i.e. pink or yellow looking. But when the eyes open, the middle of the open eye actually becomes black. Of course, it’s not that the baby is looking at something but more of an exercise for them, and it’s quite exciting to see!

With the introduction of 3D ultrasound we have gained an ability to see amazing things that we never had a chance to see before. Sometimes people find that strange at first, but at our ultrasound Toronto studio, everyone falls in love with the babies and is awed by the technology in the end.

3d ultrasound 30 WEEKS SMLING BABY
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