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Tales We Hear At Our 3D Ultrasound Studio

Oftentimes in our 3D ultrasound Toronto clinic, we meet expectant parents who present us with curious questions based on something they’ve heard. We decided to compose a fun list of the most common and interesting ones. Read below to find out which have facts behind them and which don’t.

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Acid Reflux Means The Baby Is Hairy:

While this might be the case occasionally, the truth is many babies are born with excessive hair on their bodies. There could even be excessive hair where we usually don’t expect hair: tips of the ears, upper arms, etc. This hair is not permanent and will fall out shortly after birth. A person continues to grow hair sometimes well into their thirties, so having hair as a newborn is nothing to be worried about.

As for reflux, well that could be something you ate, or indeed baby’s development causing discomfort. The mother’s body undergoes a tremendous change during pregnancy, and reflux can just be a part of it.

People often ask us if we could see hair on our 3D ultrasound. Although our equipment is the latest in 3D/4D/5D ultrasound technology, hair is just too fine for an ultrasound to pick up. However, if the baby has curly or bundled hair, then our machines can definitely pick those up. Keep in mind though, most of the hair comes in at mid to late 30th weeks, so if we don’t see it, it might mean it is just a little too early!

Gender Guessing:

We have seen hundreds of parents come in for gender determination services, and each one is a surprise. Even when one parent feels one way, the other parent would feel differently.  And the shape of the belly isn’t a predicting or deciding factor.

Insert gender picture comment baby boy or girl

Another gender prediction is believed to be connected to the baby’s heartbeat. The popular conviction is that above 140 bpm means you’re having a girl, and below means boy. This is not only untrue but also misleading and causes potential stress. The normal heart rate for babies is 120-160, independent of sex. So when you get your heartbeat plush toys from our studio, for instance,  and get the heart rate number don’t be tempted to jump to conclusions regarding gender- always utilize the proven and much more accurate methods discussed above. 

Today there are a couple of sure ways to know the gender, and one of the fastest and easiest ones is ultrasound.  Remember, there’s only one of two ways that it can go, so someone is bound to be right!

No Kitty Play!

People say that pregnant women must avoid all contact with cats, and this one actually does have evidence to back it up…mostly. Cats excrete a parasite that can be dangerous for the developing baby, so pregnant women should definitely avoid handling kitty litter with bare hands. You should also avoid any other potential contact with cat poo. Letting the cat sleep in your bed or sit on you might be one of those cases that you should avoid. But it is not to say that you should completely avoid cat contact, just make sure you take necessary precautions when you do!

Say No To Sushi!

Don’t worry, it is not forever! However, it is highly recommended to avoid eating raw meat and fish while pregnant. This has a much larger risk of food-borne diseases that can create a lot of problems for the baby. Stick with fully cooked meals instead, this way chances are higher than those harmful bacteria have been killed with heat.

Stay safe and stay active, and remember to check everything you read and hear before jumping to conclusions! 

Whether you are wondering about the gender of your baby or can wait to see that cute face, you can easily book your 3D ultrasound online. Our wait times are usually very good with appointments available the same week in most cases!

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