Baby Girl Ultrasound Pictures by Weeks

Are you looking for baby girl ultrasound pictures by weeks? Well, in fact one of the exciting times of the pregnancy is when one gets to find out the baby’s gender (if they so choose).  However, in most cases it could be a great mystery on the ultrasound screen. Ultrasounds are hard to decipher if you are not used to looking at them all day long, so we hope that with the images below, you would be better equipped to understand your ultrasound pictures!

Ultrasound Explained​

Ultrasound comes in many variations, but in the field of medicine only certain frequencies are used in order to protect the surrounding tissue while still having the sound waves penetrate to the needed depth. In short, ultrasound machines use sound waves with varying frequency to construct an image on the screen. This technology dates back many decades and has evolved today to show images in amazing detail. At A Date With Baby, we use 3D/4D/5D ultrasound technology to create the astonishingly detailed images of the baby.

Gender is mainly determined using the old fashioned 2D ultrasound imaging, but if the baby permits, 3D imaging will bring clarity to the whole experience never seen before.

Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll likely be getting 2-3 ultrasound appointment through your doctor, all of which are aimed to obtain different information about the baby to better understand their development and health. Unfortunately, in many cases gender reveal is not an important medical metric, and is not prioritized during those scans. This is where we can help! Our team can determine your baby’s gender as early as 16 weeks of pregnancy, and with a much higher degree of accuracy.

How Early Can The Gender Be Seen​

At our studios, we recommend coming in for the gender reveal at 15-16 weeks. Prior to this the accuracy is not very high and errors are possible. Plus, if you are expecting a baby girl, it it usually tougher to determine the sex early on, so in those cases we would definitely recommend waiting until at least 16 weeks. With boys, slightly earlier timeline could be possible.

While the first ultrasound is usually scheduled by your doctor at around 11-14 weeks, the gender is still not visible at that point by ultrasound. At that time, many important measurements will be performed to ensure proper development of the baby. 

As the baby has a lot of ways to go before they’re fully developed, it is not possible to distinguish between the genders with ultrasound at this time. Both boys and girls have a similar genital structure before 12-13 weeks. This early structure is called the a tubercle, and it later develops into either a penis or a clitoris.

Once the tubercle develops one way or the other, we can start determining the gender via ultrasound. In the hands of a well experience monographer, gender can be clearly seen as early as 15-16 weeks.

Nub theory is a concept that some people claim to use to determine the gender even earlier, although, the accuracy of this is not reliable.

Want to know the baby’s gender with high accuracy early on? 

You may select to go for a private DNA testing that will give you the result with around 99% accuracy by weeks 8-10.

What to look for with baby girl ultrasound

At you gender ultrasound appointment for the baby girl your monographer will look at a few signs to determine the gender. First, we look at what’s not there: absence of the male genitalia is one of the strongest signs that it is a girl. However, one must make sure that there is in fact no male genitalia, and that the angle of the scan is not hiding them. So a careful sweep of the area should be performed. 

Secondly, we will look for the labia and the clitoris, which on a 2D ultrasound present themselves as there bright lines of variable length between the things. And if the 3D image is available, the labia and the clitoris are well visible.

Looking at these beautiful baby girl ultrasound pictures, it’s hard not to get excited. If you’re eager to know your baby’s gender sooner, our early gender blood test can provide results as early as 7 weeks.

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