The Sound Of Your Baby's Heart:
Calming Force Of Nature

It is the sound that stays with us all of our lives. In fact it is a crucial sign of life. However, somehow, we have grown too used to it.

So it’s no surprise that when we hear our heartbeat, we are mesmerized. Just to think, that it starts even before we ever open our eyes for the first time, and keeps on beating every single moment of our lives.

During a 3D ultrasound session, we can observe babies in their comfortable environment, where they feel protected and cozy. They are there in their own world listening to mommy’s and their own heartbeat sounds, not suspecting that things will one day change completely.

3d ultrasound packages
3d ultrasound packages

Heartbeat Brings Soothing Familiarity

As parents, we have always looked for a safe and sure way to calm down our kids, especially at that age when it is hard to understand what they are fussing about. One of the best ways we found was to let our kids listen to their heartbeats. That is because the relaxing sound brings a certain degree of familiriaty, and, perhaps, after all of the basic needs have been met, the little ones just wanted to feel that safety and warmth of mother’s womb again. Or, maybe, it is the repetitive nature of the heartbeat, the force that never gives up, that keeps going in any situation, the very sign of life, that babies driven, by instincts, understand the best. Maybe, in recognizing this sound, they recognize that life did change, but it still is very much the same.

Who knows, it’s hard to tell what babies are thinking. One thing we would bet on, at least with many kids we’ve encountered, and based on many parents’ stories, is that our precious babies do feel comforted and calmed when hearing the heartbeat sound.

3d ultrasound packages
3d ultrasound packages

Presented In The Most Adorable Way

It is the admiration of this sound that drove us to offer parents-to-be a chance to not only listen to their baby’s fetal heart rate during their 3D ultrasound session in our North York Ultrasound Studio, but to take that unique sound home with them! Our plush toys come with their own recording device that will capture the fetal heart rate sound. Play it back whenever you want to recreate those moments when you visited us and made that special connection with your baby. The best time for a visit a 3D ultrasound clinic is between 20 and 30 weeks, but the baby’s heartbeat can be heard at many stages of the pregnancy, starting as early as a few weeks.

Baby's Heartbeat Is Easy To Record During Your 3D Ultrasound Session

Of course, the heart sounds weren’t the only pleasant thing for the baby to listen to. Mommy’s, daddy’s and even siblings’ voices, maybe a song that mommy liked and played a lot, or literally, anything else might be soothing for the baby, also played a big role in how the baby prepared to brave this new world. You can, with a flip of a button on a recordable, removable device, record on top of the existing sound. In our family, for example, our son recorded a little note for his younger sister that she still finds quite entertaining and loves to listen to just as much as she loves her stuffed blue whale (this is what actually inspired our 3D ultrasound packages). And for us as parents, the bond that was created by this simple gesture one of the most beautiful things in the world!

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