How Big Is My Baby At 8 Weeks?

When you are at the 8th week of pregnancy, your baby weighs approximately 1.1 grams, while measures nearly 1.6 cm. At this stage, your baby is growing one mm every day. However, the question is what can you see on an 8-week ultrasound.

What Can You See On A 8 Week Ultrasound

Pregnancy Ultrasound 8 Weeks

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, you will have your initial prenatal checkup appointment, during which you may get an opportunity to take a look at an 8-week fetus through the 3D images at our 3D/4D ultrasound studio.

Although you won’t be able to feel the movement, you may get surprised seeing that your baby’s legs and arms are moving around! At this step, your baby’s taste buds start to develop.

You’ll also have your blood tested at your first prenatal appointment so the doctor can run checks. The doctor will check the blood type you and your baby have. This is because if you have Rh-positive and the little one has the opposite, then you will be advised certain prescriptions to prevent any further complications.

She will also check your hormonal and blood cell levels to ensure that everything is optimal, while also test the sample for Hepatitis B, STDs, HIV, and certain immunities.

In addition, you may also be asked to give a urine sample test to check for infections and abnormalities. Generally, in every appointment from now on your doctor may ask you to get your urine sample checked regularly, to make sure there is no sign of UTI.

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, you will probably start to feel the real pregnancy, although there is nothing showing yet. However, scheduling your first appointment with your GP, and going through the 8-week ultrasound session will certainly make you feel excited when you especially hear your baby’s heartbeat!

How Many Months Are 8 Weeks?

At 8 weeks, you are two months pregnant, but doctors usually use weeks when referring to pregnancy rather than months.

Week 8 Pregnancy Symptoms

At this stage of pregnancy, you will probably feel as if everything stinks! This is mainly because of those crazy hormonal fluctuations and changes in your body that give you an acute sense of smell.

8 week comes with many pregnancy symptoms:

  • Low energy
    Getting a nap at 8 weeks of pregnancy is necessary. Why? With those high levels of fluctuating hormones, your body starts to generate more blood for the little one, which, in turn, results in having less blood sugar and pressure compared to the pre-pregnancy period.
    Your body’s source of energy is also spent on growing the tiny fetus. Therefore, the best option is to get adequate sleep.
  • Morning sickness
    Due to the pregnancy hormones, you may feel really strong nausea at 8 weeks. Those who experience severe morning sickness at 8 weeks, need to figure out options to settle down the problem. While not all the choices below may work for you, many women are generally helped by the following applications:
    – Drinking ginger tea
    – Avoiding spicy foods
    – Keeping yourself well hydrate
    – Taking vitamins at night
  • Having sore breasts 
    Having sore breasts is one of the symptoms of 8 weeks pregnancy, which is due to obvious reasons: lobules that produce milk in your breasts are beginning to expand to prepare for breastfeeding.
  • High sensitivity to smells
    As if the morning sickness is not enough, you will also experience another fun symptom: an uncanny sense of smell. You can easily get nauseous by catching a small whiff of an offensive odor, which normally you don’t even feel. The solution? Simply try to avoid smells that you have sensitive to. In addition, make sure you substitute the cleaning products you use before with odorless ones.
  • Constipation
    If you experience constipation at this stage of pregnancy, then you are not alone. In general, nearly 50 percent of pregnant women have the condition at 8 weeks.
    The best ways to overcome the condition are to keep yourself nourished with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated, and avoiding consumption of certain foods that lead to constipation.
  • Cramps
    Feeling cramps at 8 weeks of pregnancy is generally normal. The cramping is associated with the stretching of ligaments in your abdomen as your uterus enlarges. If you have serious cramping or are nervous in some way, let your doctor know.

Twins 8 Weeks

Women who are pregnant with twins at 8 weeks may feel more exhausted and nauseous. The reason behind the increased levels of extra tiredness and nauseous is that since your body is nourishing two babies, more of those pregnancy hormones are produced.

It is important to keep in mind: all the feelings of tiredness, nauseousness, or even extra hunger are related to the changes to which your body is trying to adapt.  

Besides, some women may not even feel all those symptoms stated above at 8 weeks, which is also quite normal. So, don’t get anxious thinking why you’re not feeling any symptoms because you will more likely start experiencing all of them soon!

Size Of Baby At 8 Weeks

Wondering the size your baby is in your two-months of pregnancy belly?

First of all, as previously stated, remember that it’s quite normal to not be showing at all at 8 weeks of pregnancy, or to show some. Every body is different and will react to pregnancy in different ways.  

Your uterus is widening inside the belly at 8 weeks of pregnancy, but it takes longer for that to show on the outside. However, if you are pregnant with twins it can sometimes be easily seen.

Your doctor will probably start measuring your pregnant belly beginning in the second trimester, but it just doesn’t matter right now.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, healthy weight gain is generally up to five pounds. Besides, those who experience morning sickness may see that they have not even gained any weight, which is also normal.

To deal with nausea, you may change your eating habits a lot during the first trimester, which, in turn, can contribute to weight gain or loss as well.

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