Infinite Bond Plus Package

A new and unique offering from A Date With Baby that lets you put the anxiety away and focus on the positives, with our prepaid visits that you can use whenever you feel anxious at a fraction of the price the individual visits would cost. 

These prepaid plans offer you a chance to enjoy a quick scan to see what your baby is up to, whenever you miss them. 

Why Do We Offer This Package?

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster, and some first-time parents, or those who have experienced losses in the past, may especially be susceptible to the emotions that come with expecting a child. 

Some moms are worried when they don’t have many symptoms at the beginning of the pregnancy, some get anxious when they don’t feel the baby move as much, and some just want to have that extra reassurance that the baby is doing well. Whatever the reason, we have been blessed to be able to help parents navigate through their worries and anxieties for many years. 

We also noticed that quite a few parents-to-be repeat their visits to us throughout the pregnancy, whenever they feel anxious. 

And those costs can add up! So we decided to create a package specifically with these parents in mind. When you purchase a prepaid visit package, you can visit us 4 times during your pregnancy and keep an eye on your baby!


Save HundredsOf Dollars

No Expiry Date*same pregnancy

See Your Baby Grow

Exclusive Discounts

Peace Of Mind

Prepay and Save

Gain peace of mind with our prepaid packages that will allow you to see your baby whenever you feel the urge and save substantially compared to paying for each session separately! Plus, get more savings on our full packages and merchandise!

Purchase one of these packages online or at the studio. 


Save $60

4 Reassurance

With no time limit, this is a perfect package if you want to keep an eye on your little one while they grow. You can use these visit at any time during your pregnancy, starting at 8 weeks.
*Gender Reveal Not Included



Save $65

3 Reassurance Scans + Gender Reveal

Planning a Gender Reveal? This package is perfect if you want to follow your baby's development from 8 weeks and also to find out the gender at 15 weeks of later. Book your visits at any time during your pregnancy and don't miss a beat!

Each Package includes

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