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Looking for the best 3D/4D ultrasound services in Barrie? A Date With Baby, renowned since 2015, provides premium ultrasounds at our Toronto and Newmarket locations.

Highest Quality 3D 4D Ultrasound nearby Barrie

Are you searching for high-quality 3D prenatal ultrasound services nearby Barrie? Start your journey with our top-notch ultrasounds that allow you to connect with your unborn baby.

Our modern 3D ultrasound clinic is located nearby Barrie and equipped with the latest technology, giving you a clear and detailed view of your baby’s development. See your baby’s growth like never before with our high-quality 3D ultrasounds.

Our professional team is filled with experienced and caring individuals who are focused on providing a personalized ultrasound experience that meets your needs. We offer a comfortable and supportive environment throughout your visit.

Enjoy the incredible moment of seeing your baby move, smile, and show off their unique features. Our advanced 3D ultrasound technology makes these details crisp and clear.

Visit us at our friendly center for a memorable experience as you see your baby in vivid 3D for the first time. It’s not just a regular appointment—it’s a special opportunity to meet your baby, captured with the best imaging service in Barrie.

Schedule Your 3D Ultrasound

Experience the joy of seeing your baby in incredible detail with our 3D ultrasound service.


Our commitment to excellence has inspired us to blend two essential elements that are sometimes missed: delivering the clearest ultrasound images of your baby and ensuring a soothing and cozy atmosphere.

We’ve gone the extra mile to make certain that our technology enhances the private, intimate space, all to give you the loveliest pregnancy experience imaginable!


The best week for a 3D ultrasound to get detailed images of your baby typically falls between the 26th and 30th weeks of pregnancy. During this period, your baby is well-developed and has enough fat under their skin to show clear facial features, but still has enough room to move and be seen clearly.

Yes, 3D ultrasounds are generally considered safe for both the baby and the expectant mother when used appropriately. They use the same type of sound waves as 2D ultrasounds, which have been used for decades without evidence of harm to the baby or the mother.

For individuals in the Greater Toronto Area looking for quality 3D ultrasound services, we are conveniently located in both Toronto and Newmarket:

  • Toronto Location:

    • Address: 20 De Boers Drive, Suite 220, Toronto, ON
    • Major Intersection: Allen Rd and Sheppard Ave
  • Newmarket Location:

    • Address: 390 Davis Drive, Suite LL5, Newmarket, ON
    • Major Intersection: Davis Dr and Main St

Both locations are easily accessible and ready to provide exceptional service for your prenatal imaging needs.

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