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Creating The Infinite Bond Since 2015

Highest-rated private 3D ultrasound clinic in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario for accurate early gender ultrasound, 3D pregnancy ultrasound, HD 3D/4D images, plush toys with your baby's heartbeat recording, and gender reveal party items.

Conveniently located in Toronto and Newmarket, A Date With Baby offers a high-definition 3D ultrasound and gender reveal ultrasound, perfect for discovering whether you're having boy or girl.

A Date With Baby, a private 3D ultrasound center in Toronto and Newmarket, delivers high-definition 3D baby ultrasound services while maintaining proper procedures and standards ensuring that your visit is as safe as it is enjoyable. We use “HD live” and 5D ultrasound technology to capture astonishing early 3D ultrasound pictures of your baby. At the same time, we provide early gender ultrasound services to determine whether you’re having a boy or girl.

A Date With Baby has been raising the bar for fetal 3D 4D baby ultrasound clinics since 2015 and become one of the best-reviewed providers of private pregnancy ultrasound services in the Greater Toronto Area in terms of quality and affordable prices.

Our certified, highly trained sonographers are always happy to provide expecting parents with baby 4D ultrasound at affordable prices and in a cozy, non-medical and relaxed environment, unlike any medical ultrasound out there.

Our studios are comfortable and cozy, with a scanning room that is equipped with a big-screen TV and comfortable furniture allowing you and your family to enjoy the experience in the highest definition possible while being as comfortable as possible. 

We are excited to take you on the journey of meeting your little one for the first time and creating that infinite bond! 

Introducing The

Infinite Bond Plus Package

Think of it as your very own Ultrasound Subscription!
A journey of joy, reassurance, and shared moments with your loved ones. Witness your baby’s growth and milestones unfold before your eyes. From those first fluttering kicks to adorable gestures, each stage captured in stunning detail. Experience the peace of mind every expectant mother deserves, and share the wonder with your family and friends.

Because every moment with your growing bundle of joy is a treasure worth cherishing.

We Designed Our 3D Ultrasound Studio Packages Clinic Procedure With You In Mind

Free Rescheduling If Baby's Hiding

Regardless you're having boy or girl, early gender determination ultrasound and fetal baby 3D ultrasounds are a lot of work for everyone! We will happily rebook your appointment if your baby did not cooperate on your first try!

Schedule Your Appoinments With Confidence

We allow time for you to walk around, drink juice, or improvise in order to make the baby cooperate because your satisfaction with your 3D/4D/5D ultrasound is important to us!

Enjoy Your Elective Ultrasound Experience

Latest 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound technology available coupled with a true client-centric approach create an experience that any parent-to-be will cherish forever.

Celebrate Any Holiday With The Perfect Gift!

Give the gift of the Infinite Bond to someone you love.

8K Ai Generated Photo Realistic 3D Images

Turn This

Into This

HiRes: High Resolution Image

15x10: File ready to print in A6 format (10x15)

Video-Morph: The video with the original picture to NeReVision picture morphing

LowRes: Low Resolution image for social media

A Date With Baby Is The Most Recommended Private 3D 4D 5D Baby Ultrasound Clinic In Greater Toronto Area!

Our ultrasound technicians, friendly staff, services, and easily accessible facilities will surely make your private early ultrasound session unforgettable.

We have worked hard to keep our prices affordable and are proud to provide the highest quality at down-to-earth pricing. 

Our latest 3D ultrasound technology will not only help you to strengthen the bond with your baby before its arrival but also give you a chance to capture this special time forever, hear your baby’s heartbeat, and share the experience with loved ones.

You can come in as early as 8 weeks and each stage of maternity will bring a completely unique experience. Oftentimes, we are able to offer same-day ultrasound appointments, so give us a call!

However, to have the best images in terms of facial features and clarity, we would recommend coming in around 25 to 29 weeks, so plan your appointment ahead!

We know that maternity is one of the most amazing chapters of your life and we look forward to making it even better!

Discover your baby’s gender with our gender reveal and 3D ultrasound in Toronto, North York.

Create An Infinite Bond With Your Baby At Our 3D Ultrasound Clinic


Introducing Baby DNA Gender Reveal Testing

As Early As7 Weeks!

72 HoursDelivery

Money BackGuarantee


3D ultrasounds stitch together multiple 2D images to create a three-dimensional still image of your baby, while 4D ultrasounds add the dimension of time, capturing live video so you can see your baby’s actions as they happen.

In Toronto, you can book your 3D ultrasound appointment as early as 8 weeks. However, each trimester will bring you a completely different view of the baby using 3D 4D imaging. Earlier in your pregnancy, with a 3D pregnancy scan, you see the baby’s whole body and all the movements in one frame. However, while your baby is very active, before 20 weeks the facial features aren’t yet developed, so it is difficult to see who your baby looks like!

To see the face better, it’s best to schedule your 4D ultrasound around 25-28 weeks. Keep in mind also, that waiting past 30 weeks might reduce the clarity of the pictures because babies tend to cover more as they grow bigger. 

The prices of our baby ultrasound packages are very affordable, ranging from $75 to $295. Gender reveal is usually $99 and the Gummy Bear Package (includes beautiful video and pictures of your baby) is $185. 

So, the basic 3D ultrasound cost in Ontario starts from $75 for pregnancies under 16 weeks.

We also have specials that offer even more value! Get in touch or visit our “Specials” page to find out more. 

While the external genitalia of your baby starts to develop at around 12 weeks, the earliest time we are able to carry out an accurate gender determination is around 16 weeks of pregnancy.

When it comes to 3D maternity ultrasound, we constantly strive for complete customer satisfaction, so to avoid erroneous determination, we would advise waiting until you are at least 16 weeks pregnant to come in for the gender reveal. The bigger the baby is the more accurate the gender determination will be.

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